Quiz- Would you Rather


Which would you rather do?

Would you rather… Sleep on a pile of rocks or Sleep on a stack of hay

Would you Rather… Eat only spinach for a day or Drink only water for a day

Would you Rather… Wear socks instead of shoes or Wear a bathing suit instead of clothes

Would you Rather… Have a pet unicorn or Have a pet dragon

Would you Rather… Ride on a donkey all day or Ride on a sheep all day

Would you Rather… Clean your room or Make dinner

Would you Rather… Get hit by a car or Fall off a rollercoaster

Would you Rather… Not use one of your hands for a day or Walk around on only one foot for a day

Would you Rather… Bike to school or Skip to the end of your street

Would you Rather… Sail to a secret island or fly by parasail to a secret island

Would you Rather… Give away everything in your room or have it be destroyed by a fire

Would you Rather… Sleep for an entire day or Rest every 10 minutes for 6 days

In your comments, we would love to hear your answers!


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