Life’s Application-Goal Setting

Life’s Application

It was a lovely, cozy evening at for Abigail. She was at going to a girls bible study group she attended. The group was led by her best friend Sydney’s older sister, Sarah. “I will pick you up at 7:30,” Abigail’s mother, Mrs. Carson called as Abigail jumped out of the car. “Okay, I Love you!”


The meeting started with cookies and hot cocoa. There was then singing and worship. Then, it was time for the Bible study. “Okay, girls! Today… tonight I mean.” Sarah began. “This evening you mean?” a girl named Annabelle volunteered. “Yes, this evening our topic we are learning about is self discipline. Who can tell me what that means? What is self- discipline?” Sarah asked. No hands went up. “Alright, I guess I picked a good topic then! We aren’t going to exactly punish ourselves the way our parents might when we do something wrong, but we are going to learn to train ourselves and discipline ourselves to do certain things or react certain ways to certain things…”


When the Bible study part finished Sarah handed each of the girls a paper booklet. “This has the Bible readings I want you to do this week and some other tips, ideas, and notes about what we learned this week.” she said passing the booklets around. After this they all did a craft together and one by one their families came and picked them up.


That night before bed, while her Mom was tucking her little brother, Justin into bed; Abigail flipped through the booklet. In it there was some bold words with suggested disciplines, and under the bold words were some Bible verses to go with them. The first one on the list was Daily Bible reading. Abigail read the notes about this discipline. ‘Sounds like a good one, I mean I guess I need to work on it some….’ Abigail thought, and turned to the first Bible verse listed

Matthew 4:4 NIV – Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God’ ”

‘I guess I should try to start becoming more disciplined in this,’ she thought. So, before going to bed Abigail set her alarm clock for 6:50 A.M.


The next morning she woke up with her Mom calling through the door. “Abigail? Are you awake?” her Mom said. “Huh? Umm… yeah I guess so now… Oh No! It is already 7:30!!”

It took her quite a long time to become disciplined in waking up early to read her Bible. Then, when she finally finished that, Abigail glanced back at the booklet…. and guess what? She decided she had better become disciplined in memorizing scripture…. it was worth it though!!


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