November 2017 Th!nk Magazine – Fear/Anxiety

Welcome to November! The weather is finally cooling off (I’m told it snowing in some states already?), the holidays are just around the corner, and it’s a great time to address a topic that every human being deals with: fear. Maybe you’re afraid of spiders, maybe it’s the unknown, or snakes, or heights, or failure, or isolation, or fill-in-the-blank. Read on for more!



Prayer Prompts – Houses of Peace

My mom always prays this from time to time:

“Father, please let our house be a house of peace. A place of spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental refreshment. That all who walk through these doors, may feel safe, may fee at peace to let go of their burdens for just a minute, and to let their guard down. To breath. Please let Your Holy Spirit rest here.”

I challenge you to pray that same thing. And not only by yourself, but as a household. Gather your family, and pray this together. Houses of peace are hard to find, and hard to maintain. And the ultimate answer is God’s work and presence. But we also do have a huge part in the peace of the home. Things that disrupt the house of peace are things like strife, argument, complaining, a bad attitude, lack of sensitivity and awareness towards others, etc. How many of those things are your guilty of today even? Pray that God may work on you specifically to help bring about a house of peace, a house of God, then allow Him to work on you to your best ability. The key is also, that you are asking Him to fix YOU, you are not focused on how others need to change! I am sure you can work out why! Even just a change in You will change the whole household. By no means don’t pray for your family, though, or household, the opposite instead! By praying for them you work to change not only their hearts, but your towards them. Please join me in prayer this month for those in the household to which you belong: every member, the leaders, and the disruptive ones, and the apparent helpful ones.

Some Suggested Resources for Houses of Peace:

  • Light Force by Brother Andrew
  • Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by the Mallys
  • This sermon by Gregg Harris

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