March 2019 Th!nk Magazine – Dreams & Passions

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Behind The Scenes – Meet our newest author!

Hey! This is Nina, the new author for Th!nk! So, I’m just going to give a quick intro to me, and then I have a question to ask you. So…. me. I have two older siblings (SarNewest Author Behind the Scenesa is one of the original Th!nk authors), and I love music. Some of my favorite singers/bands are David Dunn, Jamie Grace, Jordan Feliz, and For King and Country. I’m learning to play guitar, I have a passion for writing, and also drawing.  I live in Arizona, but Washington state is my home, if that makes sense :D. So, after that quick intro, now I am going to ask a question:

What do you do for fun?

Now, it’s a simple question, but I want you to just think about it for a bit. If you look at my intro, I mentioned a couple things I do for fun. There’s all sorts of things though! Maybe you swim,  like sports, babysit, go hiking, bake things, or are good with animals. God has a plan for you. Most likely, you have no idea what it is. I have no idea, whatsoever, what God’s plan is for me. Maybe it will involve singing/guitar, drawing, or writing, but I have no idea. And things could change a whole lot! But God gave me these passions, he gave you your talents, and they will be apart of God’s plan for you. We often get confused. What does God want for us? What’s the most important thing we should do now?  What if we’re confused, because there’s so many possibilities for God’s plan? Don’t complain about that. God will close doors and open doors, He will take things away from you if he needs, and you probably will gain many more talents that will be apart of God’s plan. We just need to remember that things never  work out in our timing, they work out in God’s  timing. We can’t change His plan, because he is unchangeable.

So, do what you can now, use your talents for God, now. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re “too young”  or are making excuses. Use what you have now, until God closes the door, or opens the door wider.

Nice to meet you! Have a good month!