Letter from an Author

Letter from an Author

Hey guys!

I hope you are having a great start to the month of June. Throughout this month we’ve been having a little trouble getting our pages together, but overall we are, yet again, grateful for another edition of Th!nk and in fact a third year of it exactly. Yes, that’s right, it’s our third year anniversary and I can’t be more blown away by all the things we have done and how fast time has gone by.

Throughout these three years a lot has changed. Our pages have more variety. Our layouts are a lot more organized. We’ve started using a lot more graphics. But most importantly, we as authors have changed. Personally I feel like my relationship with God has grown more with using my skill of writing to write about Him. Also, Th!nk has helped me with my organization, time management, and computer skills.

Along with me are the other authors that I couldn’t do this without. Even though I’ve only met about half of them face to face, I enjoy spending time doing Th!nk with them and seeing the different skills they bring.

So this month’s character trait is compassion. Just like every month, by writing and researching for pages I learn so much and get a better understanding of what it means. Compassion is a trait that I’m not very familiar with. Personally it just sounds like another word that means something along the line of showing love to others, but compassion isn’t just that. Compassion is feeling sorry and sympathetic for others and wanting to help them. It’s similar to the word companion which I think is cool.

With this new edition of Th!nk I hope we can do something for you. Whether it’s inspire you, encourage you, help you in your faith, or maybe just provide you with a fun little thing to read.

These past three years have been so much fun and I can’t wait for many more!



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