Detailed Dialog with Natasha’s Mission and Girls On A Mission Summit

Detailed Dialog

permission from Natasha's Mission and Girls On A Mission Summit

This month, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Jo. She is the executive director of Natasha’s Mission. Soon, Natasha’s Mission is putting on the first ever Girls On A Mission Summit. She gave Th!nk the opportunity to be apart of this summit. If you sign up, they email you a video once a day with a 20 minute video link of an interview of a different speaker. Their website is

Th!nk: Tell us about Natasha’s Mission.

Ms. Jo: Natasha’s Mission of Truth(NMT) is a non-profit organization established in honor of Natasha Masaitis to honor her life and perpetuate her legacy … Natasha loved others before herself, considered being a mother as a gift and a privilege. Wherever the job of her husband, US Marine Corp. Capt. Aaron Masaitis, placed their family on the globe, Natasha found a way to help teen girls be more, learn to see themselves as valuable and discover the love of the Lord inspite of their daily challenges.

NMT’s mission is to provide education and funding for teenage girls to serve God in missions and service to others. “Natasha’s Girls” serve on all projects locally, domestically, and internationally. Our job is to equip them, empower them , and release them as world-changers!

Th!nk: Natasha’s Missions is going to be putting on the first ever Girl’s on a Mission Summit.  Tell us about the Summit.  What is its purpose?  Who is it for?  When is it?

Ms. Jo: The mission of this very exciting inaugural event is to empower the lives  of teenage girls and those that support/lead them by giving them practical tools they need to strengthen their walk with God and become world-changers! Experts from around the US are being interviewed to share how they have empowered the youth in their life to seek and serve and provide encouragement for those watching.

We have brought in speakers from around the nation to bring fresh encouragement to teens, parents, and those who lead them. The online event begins July 14, 2014 and runs through July 23, 2014 (pending any expert additions).

Th!nk: Who are some of the speakers at Girls On A Mission?

Ms. Jo: Confirmed speakers already include:

  • Capt. Aaron Masaitis – Chair & Founder of Natasha’s Mission
  • Pastor Eugene Smith – Lead Pastor, Orlando City Church
  • Natalie Barnoske – Campus Missionary, Youth Alive
  • Cannon Moyer – online music sensation
  • Wendy Lyn Phillips – Personal Branding & Image Expert/Author
  • Ashley Kent – young missionary previously supported by NMT
  • Nicole Munizzi – Christian recording artist
  • Paul Steinbrueck – CEO,
  • Ainsley Steinbrueck – Editor in Chief, Th!nk Magazine
  • Russell Wolfe – Pureflix Ent./Producer God’s Not Dead The Movie

Those highlighted are young people who get it and are determined to serve the kingdom with their skills and talents. We are most excited to include Th!nk Magazine in that category! It is so impressive to see young women on fire for Jesus using what they have in service for  the Lord. Our focus scripture is Proverbs 31:30, “Charm beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is worthy to be praised.”

Th!nk: If our readers would like to participate in the Girl’s On A Mission Summit, how can they do that?

Ms. Jo: To participate, all they need to do is and enter their email address… to make it even more fun, the first 500 people to register will recieve an official God’s Not Dead backpack!

Th!nk: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Ms. Jo: We just wanted to thank you and your editorial team for allowing us to share the heart Natasha’s Mission of Truth has for young women and look forward to the victories of Th!nk Magazine with the world. For more information about our programs and scholarships or to have us speak at your next event, please visit us and be sure to follow us on Facebook @NatashasMission.