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Ask Ainsley – Busy With School

Ask Ainsley

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Dear Ainsley,

I’m so busy with school, sports and homework that I barely have any time for God, myself, or my family. How do I deal with this?

Dear Th!nk Reader,

My suggestion is to think through your priorities. I know school isn’t really avoidable, but other than that, what you value is what you make sure happens. Personally I’ve tried to maximize my time to give me more time. What this means is that I try to make the most of my sitting around time and I combine things. For instance I try to complete my homework (even if it’s from other classes) in class so I don’t have to do a lot at home. Some homework might be more difficult, but if you need a textbook you can take pictures beforehand or if you need to type something you can download Google Documents on your phone. Also, sometimes when I’m on my bus I listen to Christian music or read a devotion/ the Bible on YouVersion. Whatever you do, make sure you save some time for yourself so you can relax for a bit. Sometimes when we have a lot going on it pulls us away from God. Sometimes we need to say no to things that could be too busy or overwhelming. If you feel that you aren’t making the most out of your opportunities to glorify God and serve others then you might need to reevaluate your life or cut things out. I had to do this when I realized I wasn’t spending as much time as I wanted with God. To fix part of this I set my alarm a little earlier so I could do a devotion. This is hard for me because I have to wake up pretty  early for school but I notice that I feel more at peace and that waking up a little bit earlier doesn’t  affect me. Overall, I suggest praying about it and talking to your parents or a close friends. Through the business, look for ways to make a difference.