Book Look – Blades of Acktar

The Blades of Acktar series…. Well, I read them in less than a week. This series, by Tricia Mingerink is one of my recent favorites. Lieth is the Third Blade. Found by a lord as a boy, he was quickly turned into an assassin. A weapon. A Blade. And a very good one, at that. The lord wrests the crown, and the kingdom, from the true royalty, an assassination in which Lieth has a hand. Now, years later, Lieth finds himself mortally wounded, wandering in a blizzard. But there’s a light ahead. Two girls, home alone, drag him from their doorstep, and tend his wound. He doesn’t understand! Why would they do such a thing for him, a Blade? He now knows enough about their secret faith to have them hanged! He truly doesn’t know: will he turn them in when he heals and returns to the castle? What will become of him? Of them? He can’t just forget them…

annnddd I had better not say anything else, or I’ll ruin it, but I highly suggest this series! Be warned however, that you should start it on a weekend….otherwise you might be lacking in sleep during the school/work week! 😉 Enjoy!


Book Look – Persecuted Believers and Worship



What she’s doing is dangerous, but she can’t resist it. Just one more Bible. It’s in reach and she knows people who need it. But then it all goes wrong, people she loves are in danger- big danger; and she has no way to stop the inevitable. Or does she? It’s risky… but it could change things for many other believers.

Leah E. Good, author of Counted Worthy Interview

Counted Worthy by Leah E. Good is about a teenager named Heather Stone, who smuggles Bibles in a futuristic America that has fallen apart. I and many people I know I really enjoyed this book, it’s adventure, and it’s faith… including people who don’t usually enjoy this kind of thing.



The Air I Breathe by Louie Giglio was a book my youth pastor wanted me to read in order to be on our youth group’s worship team. At first I thought the book would be boring and talk about how worship is about God and not putting on a show, but I was wrong, This book changed my view on worship and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read it because it will/has helped me with leading worship on Sundays and at youth group. The main point of the book is that we are all worshipers and we are created to bring pleasure and glory to our Creator. We all have a desire to worship things because we were made to worship Him. Something I took away from this book is that we need to constantly be looking for ways to glorify Him. He wants us to talk to Him all day long and include Him in everything you do. If you are a worship leader or even a worshiper, I would definitely recommend this book for you.

Worship- The Air I Breath by Louie Giglio

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