Detailed Dialogue -Isabelle Ingalls

Detailed Dialogue – Isabelle Ingalls

Isabelle Ingalls is  the author of the blog: She lives in Texas, loves to read, have air-soft wars, and play piano. But she also likes to write. And she likes to write for God’s glory. I hope you enjoy the interview we had the privilege of procuring for you!



What is the goal/ purpose of your blog?


As al3 (2)l actions in life should be, to glorify God. I want the Christian worldview not to be something regulated to Sundays and church camp, but rather somethings we use always when we look at the world. I based my blog’s name off the C. S. Lewis quote: “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the Sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” We can use God’s Word as our glasses, through which we can see the world clearly. So I want to see everything else, to examine it all in the light of His truth.

What prompted you to start your blog?


3 (2)It was actually a bit of a long, convoluted path. I really enjoy teaching. I feel like I’ve been blessed to be so poured into, to be surrounded by and to experience so much truth and learning; and I’ve always wanted to pour that into others’ lives, to take all the things I’ve learned, and give it to others so they can go even further than I can. I have been blessed that writing comes fairly easily to me (much easier than the disjointed randomness that my speech usually is!) so I thought that would be the most effective way to do so. Of course, I have a bit (ok, a lot) of a procrastinator in me, and so I considered starting a blog about a year ago and, well, never got around to it. But, both God and my parents kept bringing back up this topic, and I finally said, “Ok God, I’m not sure what I’m doing, or if I will even have much to write about, but I’ll try!” Fortunately, He is very talented at making beautiful things out of un-talented people!

What is one thing that you want to accomplish with your life?


3 (2)Well, my dream for a long time has been me, a godly husband, and many children all fitting into one cozy house. I pray that God allows me and enables me to be a wise and loving wife and mother, who leads her children in righteousness, and who encourages and builds up her husband to great things. But in all of life, including the single portion, I want to edify and hearten others, to comfort them as they’re going through the struggles of life, and cheer them on as they climb the highest summit. When I look back on my life, I hope to see one full of boldly proclaiming the Gospel and loving others.

If there was one  thing you thought was important for tween/teen girls to know, what would it be?


3 (2)I think it would be to direct your focus in the right direction. So much in these years is directed towards appearance, towards accomplishments, towards associates. Even the good advice! But that is putting the focus on yourself, on the things you have, or the things you’ve done, or the things you wear. And when you’re busy looking in the mirror, you’re not looking at Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, godly modesty is important, godly choices are important, and godly friends are important. But God is most important. If we keep our focus on Him rather that ourselves, then I believe that He will bring forth all the good fruits in our lives.

How have you benefited from your blog?


3 (2)Writing this blog has forced me to live life more purposefully, to always look at the meaning and worldview of my actions and amusements. When I write, I must think more clearly and more deeply, or else my thoughts make no sense! This has helped me to see God’s truth and God’s word in all of life, and to be ever aware of and thankful for Jesus’ love and sacrifice. I pray that through this blog, He continues to draw me ever closer to Himself!

Thank you, Isabelle!


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