Book Look – Blades of Acktar

The Blades of Acktar series…. Well, I read them in less than a week. This series, by Tricia Mingerink is one of my recent favorites. Lieth is the Third Blade. Found by a lord as a boy, he was quickly turned into an assassin. A weapon. A Blade. And a very good one, at that. The lord wrests the crown, and the kingdom, from the true royalty, an assassination in which Lieth has a hand. Now, years later, Lieth finds himself mortally wounded, wandering in a blizzard. But there’s a light ahead. Two girls, home alone, drag him from their doorstep, and tend his wound. He doesn’t understand! Why would they do such a thing for him, a Blade? He now knows enough about their secret faith to have them hanged! He truly doesn’t know: will he turn them in when he heals and returns to the castle? What will become of him? Of them? He can’t just forget them…

annnddd I had better not say anything else, or I’ll ruin it, but I highly suggest this series! Be warned however, that you should start it on a weekend….otherwise you might be lacking in sleep during the school/work week! 😉 Enjoy!