Author interview Chuck Black

Detailed Dialogue – Chuck Black

Chuck Black is the author of many books, some of which include the Kingdom series, the Knights of Arrethtrae, and the recent Wars of the Realm series which we reviewed for you a few months ago. He is the father of six, and he began writing to… well, we will let him tell you! 🙂


Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhen did you start writing books and stories and what inspired them?

Author interview Chuck BlackI began writing in 1999. The first book I wrote was Kingdom’s Edge. I wanted to find a unique method to inspire my children to understand spiritual warfare and to help them fully grasp the significance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.



Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat inspired you to write based off of the Bible?

Author interview Chuck BlackThe greatest story ever told is the story of Jesus Christ. Every other story is a mere shadow of this epic tale. It contains all of the elements of a great story…heroes, villains, good, evil, loss, hope, defeat and victory. The Bible itself inspired me to focus my writing on it. I also wanted my writing to inspire young people to accomplish great things for the Lord and His kingdom.


Th!nk teen Christian magazineIs it hard using the Bible as the foundation for fictional stories?

Author interview Chuck BlackNo, actually it was quite easy, especially since my work is allegorical. The structure for my stories was already in place.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineAre there any other written materials that you find yourself going back to for inspiration or information other than the Bible?

Author interview Chuck BlackI did a lot of reading earlier in my life. Many of those books inspired me. Unfortunately my time for reading, other than the Bible, has diminished greatly.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhich series that you’ve written is your favorite?

Author interview Chuck BlackThis is a very difficult question to answer because each series is so unique and different from the others. I think the best way to answer this question is that my favorite book/series is the one I am currently writing.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat are some of your favorite characters you’ve created and why?

Author interview Chuck BlackSir Dalton, because he is so real. I think many of us can identify with his weaknesses. I loved portraying how his perspective of the Prince (Master Sejus) changed as he slowly understood who He really was.

Sir Quinlan because he was so common and ordinary. God loves using people like this for His great purposes.

Sir Bentley because he was brave enough to seek the Truth no matter the cost.

Lady Carliss because she was pure of heart and unwavering in her commitment to the King…a true overcomer.

Sir Cedric because he is a humble storyteller.


Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat role does your family play in your writing?

Author interview Chuck BlackMy wife and each of my children have all played key roles in my writing. From editing to proofing to audiobook creation, none of this would have been possible without them. Ultimately they were my inspiration behind each story.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineAre any of your characters based off of people in your life?

Author interview Chuck BlackI used certain traits of people I know as a template to create some of the characters. My children were my favorite subjects.





Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat is one thing you hope for readers to get out of your various series of


Author interview Chuck BlackIt is my earnest prayer that readers of all ages will be inspired to live a faith-filled life of adventure for the Lord. That they will see the world through spiritual spectacles and be motivated to fulfill the great commission given to us by the King of Kings.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineHow has God worked in your life?

Author interview Chuck BlackGod is constantly working in my life. He has shown me over and over that He is faithful. And all He is looking for is for us to say “Yes” when He calls.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat piece of advice do you think is important for teenagers to know about knowing God and honoring Him in their youth?

Author interview Chuck Black2 Chronicles 16:9 says, “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” Be the kind of person that God wants to show himself strong for. Be sold out for Jesus, live a life of faith, humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and say ‘Yes’ when he calls on you.


Thank you, Mr. Black!

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Behind The Scenes – Goodbye, and Welcome

Behind the Scenes

Life never stops moving. It is so full of change. And with people that come and go. We at Th!nk will be missing Ellie, as she continues on to the next season of life. As she is starting at the community college, this will be Ellie’s last magazine for the time being. We are thankful for her writing, her art, her formatting, and all her contributions to Th!nk. Ellie, we are excited for you as you enter this next phase of life! I am thankful that our friendship won’t end here… I really appreciate your care for others and their interests, for your love of music, fantasy, and pencils. Thank you for being a part of this, Ellie!

People come and go. We ourselves go many places following God and leave many. Nina has joined our path for a time. We are happy to welcome her as part of the Th!nk team. This will be her first official month with us, though she has written many times for Th!nk in the past. Welcome Nina!

Is life changing for you? Maybe at an alarming pace? Well, it is totally normal, and you are not alone. If you are leaving siblings in Christ, or if they are leaving you, take comfort in the knowledge that in addition to the time here on earth, you will have eternity with them in Heaven! Our General just wants us to go to different wings of the army for now… so that we can conquer even more effectively!

Th!nk Christian Teen Magazine author

Letter From an Author

Hello there!

I hope you’ve had a great September and are ready for October! Hopefully you haven’t been too busy! This month’s theme is HOME. At first I was confused about this topic and didn’t really like it, but with every topic I do for Th!nk, I learn something.

Not only is home used for hospitality and serving, but our home is in heaven. On earth our mission is to go out and teach others about Christ, but we don’t have to go all the way across the world to do it. We can reach out to our local communities and cities. One way to do this is to have an open home and to be hospitable.

On the other hand, our eternal home is in heaven so we don’t have to worry about what’s happening now. Personally I have to remind myself of this a lot because it’s so easy to get caught up in the things of this world.

I hope that as you read this month’s magazine you are encouraged to think of your home differently. As always, please feel free to email us. We’re always here for you! 🙂

An Author

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Leah E. Good, author of Counted Worthy Interview

Detailed Dialogue – Leah E. Good Interview

Leah E. Good is a daughter of God, lover of stories, homeschool graduate, and passionate orphan care advocate. She lives with her parents, brother, and Shetland Sheepdog in beautiful New England. But she also likes to write. Leah is the author of the book Counted Worthy, and hopefully many more to come. Please enjoy our interview with her!


thinklogo2What inspired you to write Counted Worthy?


12744500_1682059575344092_3576977750834524872_nMy brain generates story ideas a lot faster than I can write them. One day I was playing around finding Bible verses that would make good story titles. When I looked at Acts 5:41, a story idea started forming alongside the title. Since I was working on a different book project at the time, I decided to just write a short story. That short story ended up being chapter one of Counted Worthy.


thinklogo2If there was one thing you wanted people to get out of your book, what would it be?


12744500_1682059575344092_3576977750834524872_nThat’s a tough one! There are several big themes in Counted Worthy. When I started writing it, I wanted to engage people emotionally and make the trials of the persecuted church real to readers. I wanted them to not just be aware of persecution but to care about the individuals being persecuted.


thinklogo2Do you plan to write more books?


12744500_1682059575344092_3576977750834524872_nYes! I had hoped to have another finished by now but adulthood struck, and I’ve been giving priority to working and figuring out my trajectory for the future. The current plan is to write a sequel to Counted Worthy. Writing a sequel is proving difficult for me, though, so I may try to get back into the swing of writing by working on a stand alone novel.


thinklogo2If there was one thing you thought was important for tween and teen girls to know about following God, what would it be?


12744500_1682059575344092_3576977750834524872_nHmm. I’m barely out of the teen years myself, so I feel like I’m still figuring this out for my own life. As I’ve observed my peers, I have to say that the girls who are closest to God seem to be the ones who have a very personal relationship with him. Going through the motions of Christianity doesn’t equal effectively following God. We have to take time to be with Him, to learn what He cares about and make it what we care about, to allow Him to shape us and guide us and mold our dreams for the present and future. I’ve always been intrigued and inspired by Proverbs 25:2 which says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” Take time to sit at Jesus’ feet and search for the mysteries God has concealed!


thinklogo2Who is your favorite character in Counted Worthy and why?


12744500_1682059575344092_3576977750834524872_nI almost always fall for a secondary character rather than the protagonist–both in books I read and books I write. In Counted Worthy, my long time favorite is Bryce. A lot of Bryce’s personality is based off my brother and how I imagine he’d react in a situation like the one in my story. Since my brother and I are very close, Bryce is an obvious favorite for me.


thinklogo2Aside from writing, what are some things you like to do or that you are passionate about?


12744500_1682059575344092_3576977750834524872_nOrphan care is probably my biggest passion. About a year and a half ago, one of my friends introduced me to a friend of a friend who was living in India serving as a foster mom for twelve orphans there. That young lady recently returned to the United States, but I still stay in touch with the other young lady she was working with. Having that personal connection has been such a blessing to give me a way to participate in a ministry I care about. Besides that, I love teaching in homeschool settings when the opportunity arises. My favorite pastimes include going to museums, swimming, and trying new things.


thinklogo2What is your favorite scripture and why?


12744500_1682059575344092_3576977750834524872_nJohn 14:27 has been my go-to verse for years. “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” Remembering this verse helps me to refocus if I’m stressed or scared.


thinklogo2Throughout the book writing process, what is one way that you saw God’s hand in it all?


12744500_1682059575344092_3576977750834524872_nGod’s fingerprints are all over the entire process of writing and publishing Counted Worthy. The actual publishing stage was probably where His hand was most obvious. As I prepared to bring the book to print, I sent out several endorsement requests to prominent figures in the Christian community. When Brett Harris responded saying that he wasn’t sure he’d have time to read the manuscript or not, but he’d try to, I was elated. It was a total God thing that Brett ended up reading it quickly, liking it, and helping me through the process of gaining funding through Kickstarter and spreading the word to readers who really connected with the story and were blessed by it. It was (and continues to be) an amazing experience.

Thank you, Leah!

Want to learn more about Leah, or read her book?

Buy Counted Worthy:





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