Saying Goodbye To Th!nk

Hi. Sara here. We have an announcement to make. One I cried over last night. Ainsley knew it first. A while ago, she suggested the idea and I panicked. I told her I wasn’t ready. That she could take that step, but that I wasn’t ready for it.


So much had changed in my life already, and Th!nk had been one of the few constants for the past few years. But when I had time to think and pray about it I realized that it is time for us to say goodbye to Th!nk.


July marked the sixth anniversary of Th!nk magazine. The first month, we had fifteen of our family members that we sent our collection of articles to. Now, hundreds of people receive it. Both we and Th!nk have grown so much. We’ve grown as writers and as people and . . . we’ve grown up. We’re no longer newly turned twelve-year-olds. We’re adults ready to take the next step in life.


It’s a little scary by pretty exciting.


I don’t want to say goodbye to Th!nk. Th!nk is the thing that got me started on my writing career. It was the safe place where I learned to write articles and research faith and connect with readers — with you guys. I learned how to communicate online and it helped Ainsley and I maintain our friendship long distance.


Now, I’m a published author. I don’t think anything is going to mess with our friendship. God has brought me so far through Th!nk. I have my own website and I contribute to many more. It’s time for me to step into whatever God has next for me.


So we’re saying goodbye. Thank you for sticking with us for so long, supporting us, and learning about God with us. You have no idea the impact you had on our lives, and we pray Th!nk has had an impact for God in your life.


This isn’t goodbye to you forever, though. Just goodbye to Th!nk. All of us Th!nk authors are accessible elsewhere online and on social media. Many of us have personal blogs where we share about faith and life and Christian living.

So we aren’t asking you to say goodbye. We’re asking you to take this next step in life with us. 🙂

To keep up with us in this next season, you can find us all here:







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In this issue of Th!nk, we are diving into the topic of creativity. Creativity is a God-given gift, but so often we tend to try to fit it into a specific box. Which is sort of a paradox since it is “creativity”. We hope you enjoy!

We also have a book review for Fawkes by Nadine Brandes, a tasty lemon chicken recipe, a short story about comparison, a letter to the girl who misses her dad, and a few others.

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