February 2019 Th!nk Magazine – Singleness

Happy February!

As everyone is celebrating love and everything is covered in pink and red, we wanted to take this month to talk all things singleness.

We have a short story, poem, book review, and a bunch more waiting for you. Not to mention an interview with the debut author Sarah Grace Grzy, which you don’t want to miss.


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November 2018 Th!nk Magazine – Season of Life

Life is always changing. Even when we feel stuck. Everyone goes through all kinds of seasons . . . happy ones. Sad ones. Waiting ones. Busy ones. And everything in between. This month, we want to talk about the season of life and how to seek God as we walk through them. Not to mention an Allergy Friendly Copycat Vanilla Starbucks Frappuccino recipe, a new short story, a personal testimony, and a review of the beautiful book The Girl Who Could See. Enjoy! And as always, never hesitate to reach out or comment with questions, suggestions, or prayer requests.


August 2018 Th!nk Magazine – Creativity

School starting, hints of fall . . . August is almost gone! This month we had a lot of fun with a variety of pages, including several by some pretty awesome guest writers. We are also excited to welcome Grace Maples to the team and introduce her to you as the newest Th!nk author!

In this issue of Th!nk, we are diving into the topic of creativity. Creativity is a God-given gift, but so often we tend to try to fit it into a specific box. Which is sort of a paradox since it is “creativity”. We hope you enjoy!

We also have a book review for Fawkes by Nadine Brandes, a tasty lemon chicken recipe, a short story about comparison, a letter to the girl who misses her dad, and a few others.

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July 2018 Th!nk Magazine – 5 Year Anniversary

Happy Saturday, everyone! This month we are delighted to present the magazine that marks Th!nk five-year anniversary. How amazing is that? You readers have been with us the whole way, and it’s wonderful to see how far God has brought all of us.

Today, we have a book review and poem from two different awesome guest writers, plus a delicious coconut-chocolate milkshake (perfect for summer), in addition, we tackle how to hear God’s voice. Not to mention… an exciting announcement from one of the authors.

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May 2018 Th!nk Magazine – Using Our Time Wisely For God’s Glory

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November 2017 Th!nk Magazine – Fear/Anxiety

Welcome to November! The weather is finally cooling off (I’m told it snowing in some states already?), the holidays are just around the corner, and it’s a great time to address a topic that every human being deals with: fear. Maybe you’re afraid of spiders, maybe it’s the unknown, or snakes, or heights, or failure, or isolation, or fill-in-the-blank. Read on for more!


October 2017 Th!nk Magazine – Respect

It’s October! Fall. Cooler weather. Settling into school routines. What does your October hold? At Th!nk this month, the theme is respect. Respect for others, respect when it isn’t deserved, and more. Also, enjoy an easy crockpot recipe, a fun craft, the Liebster award, and all the rest.


May 2017 Th!nk Magazine – Identity & Purpose

Happy May! Yay! School’s almost over! 🙂 We hope here at Th!nk that you had a wonderful- no, fabulous month! This month we are diving into the topics of purpose and identity! Definitely something everyone can relate to, right?

In addition to lots on that, enjoy a wonderful interview with Tricia Mingerink, a review of her latest book , and a tasty recipe for some healthy muffins!

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free christian teeen magazine

January 2017 Magazine – Theme: ‘New’

New year. New creations. New believers. Being renewed. We hope that you enjoy this month’s magazine, and are both challenged and encouraged!

Have a great month!

-Th!nk Authors

kneel, worship God

Life’s Application – Worship

Miranda dragged the heavy van door shut as the last of her siblings tumbled out of the car. Together the family walked up the pathway to church. That is, until someone had to go back to get their Bible. Miranda followed her dad into the building, stopping to say hello to some friends, and be hugged by her elderly neighbor, who was just a bit deaf, and Miranda reaped her greeting several times before moving on. She glanced through the people surrounding her, and hurried to catch up with her family. As the worship band began playing she deposited her stuff in her seat and straightened to see what song was playing. Ah, it was ‘My Lighthouse’ by Rend Collective, one of her favorite bands. Miranda subconsciously looked around her. Her mom had her eyes closed, and hand out. Her dad was singing loudly, nicely. And the women in front of her was was clearly praying out loud, her voice lost in the music. Miranda began singing quietly, after a few lines, she tentatively closed her eyes. Immediately she felt very aware of all the voices around her. Sure that someone was looking at her she peeked out… and of course, no one else was paying attention to her. She noticed a few more people this time, though, off down the row to her right there were two girls who were whispering together. Miranda closed her eyes again and enjoyed worshiping, but a few minutes later she felt unexplainedly compelled to kneel. Immediately, she started getting fearful and arguing with herself.

“Just do it!”

“But what will those girls think? What will my parents think?”

“Does it matter what they think?”

“Logically I should say no, it doesn’t matter. But-”

“But what? Aren’t you supposed to fear God, not man?!”

“It isn’t going to be a sin if I don’t kneel would it?”

“That is what you are going for? The least you can do without sinning? How about the best you can do to honor God?”

“But people will think I’m being dramatic and making things up.”

“Well, you’re not, so who cares? Besides, no one will notice, they are all worshiping”


Apply it…

  • Does your extreme consciousness of everyone around you ever hinder your ability to focus in God and worship in a group? Well, it did for me for a long time. But God arranged circumstances in my situation so that I could really learn to worship- finally! Anyways, you are not alone in that seemingly little struggle. But that doesn’t mean it is okay. It all comes down to our fear of God. Or our lack of it. Are we focused on worshiping the all-powerful, awe-worthy, God who loves us and died for us? Or are we concerned about the human to our left that we don’t even know very well, and definitely doesn’t deserve our worship? We’ve talked about fearing God many times before in Th!nk magazine, and I could write pages and pages on it (I actually started a book about it once), so I won’t go into it all here. But it is the foundation on what we do in life. If we don’t fear God enough to simply worship Him in a room full of other believers in church, how will we ever be able to fear Him enough to much harder things? Our motivation will be really quite pitiful. So, I challenge you: go back, read our pasts articles on fearing God, search Scripture yourself, and then quote it to yourself when you struggle to fear Him, and not humans.

*Specifically, check out May 2016 Th!nk magazine.

(We do not post the full magazine here on this blog. To read the entire magazine each month, subscribe for free be emailing us at thinkauthors@gmail.com)

Life’s Application

Life’s Application

Silently, Lauren hugged a sobbing Cindy as she contemplated what to say. Now that was the question: what to say? Cindy had just poured out her heart to her. All the hurts, struggles, hopes, and ugliness that had accumulated and chose this moment to burst. It was a mess. And that was okay, Lauren totally got messes (maybe because she’s been in a few herself), but as usual is was confusing. A confusing mess. Who had heard of such a thing?! Lauren smiled. But, back to the question. Lauren could definitely relate to most of it. Should she tell Cindy about her own experience in these things? Lauren didn’t want to only talk about herself though, she wanted Cindy to know that she cared about her and yet at the same time let her know that she really did understand Cindy and her struggles. But then there was the fact that she couldn’t quite relate to all of it. She honestly had not been in some of Cindy’s situations before. Lauren thought she could give sounds advice perhaps, but did she have the right since she hadn’t experienced those things personally before? And did Cindy even want ‘advice or did she just need a shoulder to cry into? Aggh!

Apply it…

  • Get out a sheet of paper and write on the first line ‘Dear Cindy’. Then, compose a letter with what you would say to Cindy in this situation.
  • So, while you are doing that, let me offer my thoughts on the subject. One of the hardest things about compassion is that it isn’t very clear cut. Should you speak? Should you help? Would this comfort them or embarrass them or offend them? And I have not clear cut answer to give you except this: pray Ask yourself what Jesus would do. Use discernment and wisdom (God’s, not ours), but if you are in doubt examine yourself. If your intentions are out of love then all you can simply do it your best and trust God to guide you if saying something or not saying something or doing something or not doing something or… well, you get the picture. Simply obey God. Seek His direction.
  • Now, in the story, Lauren’s problem was having so many things she could say or do, but what if you have the opposite problem. You don’t have any answers. Than just say that! I have been heard saying many times, “I don’t have an answer, but I understand” or if I don’t understand, “I’m here for you”. It sounds cheesy maybe, but the wording doesn’t matter. What really matters is if you are sincere. Are you willing to choose to put yourself in someone else’s pain. As Katie Davis says, ‘to sit with them, and know’?
  • One more point is that compassion is often inconvenient and messy! But does that mean you don’t show it or feel it or live it? Someone once said, “Sin is messy, so people are messy, get over it, and get a mop!”
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