Not Just Knots & G.A.C. Quiz Answers- August 2014

Not Just Knots…

So this page is a knitting/crocheting page… but we never actually have taught you how to knit! How can this be? So, this month we are going to teach you the first basic things you need to know to knit. And we have an idea for practices that can also be a ministry! All you need to do it knit 7” by 9” sections and send them to an organization we found and they will connect them together with other sections to make blankets which they donate to people who need it. So this month we are going to teach you to knit so hopefully you can use this skill to bless others either through this organization or through gifts, donations, and however else you can! Since knitting is something that would take a lot of explaining to write down for you here, we have a how-to video to make it easier. Just email us and we will be happy to send it to you!

To learn more about the organization go to:


G.A.C. Quiz Answers

1. C- They sleep most of the time

2. Yes- They do sleep a lot

3. B- They eat eucalyptus leaves

4. D- Koalas are most like kangaroos


Not Just Knots- Crochet Flower Pen

Not Just Knots…

We did something similar to this once, called ‘knitting page’ but now we’ve changed it to include all kinds of yarn crafts and games. This month we are going to teach you how to make an easy but fun crochet flower pen. You can use this for yourself, for gifts or ways to encourage people. Write than a note with this pen and then give them the note and the pen to add some color. Any way, we hope you enjoy!


  • Yarn
  • A Crochet Hook
  • Scissors
  • A Pen
  • Ducttape


  • Tie a slip knot with the yarn around the crochet hook. If you don’t know how to do this, you can look on YouTube.

Not Just Knots(1) July

  • Wrap the yarn around the crochet hook coming from behind and up from the left side over once.

Not Just Knots(2) July

  • Holding that loop in place pull the bottom loop over the top one, and off the hook. It should look like this:

Not Just Knots(3) July

  • This is called chaining. Repeat steps 2-3 until your chain is about 34 inches long.

Not Just Knots(4) July

  • Then tie a knot at the end like this:

Not Just Knots(5) July

  • Tie another slip knot like this as in the picture, And make petals for you flower by doing this every 6 inches until you get to the end (look near the bottom of the picture)

Not Just Knots(6) July

  • Tie another knot to keep it all together:

Not Just Knots(7) July

  • Tape it to the pen…

Not Just Knots(8) July

  • Ta- da!!

Not Just Knots(9) July



Knitting Page

photo by Keattikorn and

photo by Keattikorn and

Knitting Page:

This knitting page is just an experiment, it is to teach you the basics of the knitting world. Next time we might teach you a really cool project! Knitting is a fun thing to do when you’re on long road trips. You could even make something for a friend or family member that lives in a cold climate. Let’s get on with the fun!

Casting on

This is the first thing you will do for anything as far as I know. First you will need to tie a slip knot around one of the needles, it doesn’t matter which one. To do this, you first need to make a loop around the needle with the yarn as shown in picture:

Now you need to pull the tail that, in the picture above, is the one on top, around the other one and up as shown in picture below.

Don’t pull it tight though. In the picture to the right above can you can see that one of the loops is smaller? Well, what is going to happen is that you will pull the short tail piece behind the little loop and pull it through. Look at the picture below. There are many different ways to make a slip knot, this is just one of them.

Pull the tail piece tight once you’ve done that. Below is a picture of what it will look like once it is pulled tight:

Now you should have one big loop around the needle. pull the long ‘tail’ (the one attached to the ball of yarn) you should now see why this is called a slip knot.

Pull until you can fit about two fingers in the loop.Now you will slip the other needle in the loop as well.hold the tail on your right… for left handers it may be easier to do it opposite…I don’t know, I am not a left hander.

You’ve just made a slip knot. Now you need to loop the ‘long’ tail (the one attached to the ball of yarn) around the needle on your right. For left handers, again, your may have it on the opposite side. If you are holding it as shown in the previous picture then it will be on your right.So, loop it around the needle as shown in picture below:

Knit stitch

I would suggest going to YouTube and looking at videos on there. It is quite hard to explain how to do the knit stitch.