August 2018 Th!nk Magazine – Creativity

School starting, hints of fall . . . August is almost gone! This month we had a lot of fun with a variety of pages, including several by some pretty awesome guest writers. We are also excited to welcome Grace Maples to the team and introduce her to you as the newest Th!nk author!

In this issue of Th!nk, we are diving into the topic of creativity. Creativity is a God-given gift, but so often we tend to try to fit it into a specific box. Which is sort of a paradox since it is “creativity”. We hope you enjoy!

We also have a book review for Fawkes by Nadine Brandes, a tasty lemon chicken recipe, a short story about comparison, a letter to the girl who misses her dad, and a few others.

Th!nk Magazine Cover


December 2017 Th!nk Magazine – Christmas

Hello there, Th!nk readers! It’s Christmas time. So, this year we are going to be discussing Christmas here at Th!nk. Both the good parts, and the hard parts. A new book review and recommendation, DIY frosty the snowman drawing instructions, a Wonder movie review, and more. 🙂 We pray that you have a Merry Christmas, and enjoy this month’s magazine. See you next month!


October 2017 Th!nk Magazine – Respect

It’s October! Fall. Cooler weather. Settling into school routines. What does your October hold? At Th!nk this month, the theme is respect. Respect for others, respect when it isn’t deserved, and more. Also, enjoy an easy crockpot recipe, a fun craft, the Liebster award, and all the rest.


August 2017 Th!nk Magazine – Responsibility

Hello Readers!
How has your month been? Over here at Th!nk we’ve been switching gears to school which is starting up again soon for a lot of us whether it’s homeschool, public school, or something else. A topic we’ve been exploring is responsibility. Not just in school, however, (though definitely still that!), but in all areas of our lives. Especially in faith. Join us as we welcome our newest author (see ‘About‘ page for more), share with you some healthy school lunch ideas, learn about a new animal in G.A.C., congratulate our latest contest winner and more!


July 2017 Th!nk Magazine – Gaining a Heavenly Perspective

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already July. How have you been? What have you been up to? Well, for us here at Th!nk, we’ve been busy celebrating our 4th year anniversary and putting a lot of work into this edition! We hope you enjoy it!

This month’s theme is on having a heavenly perspective. We can often get caught up in the things of the world, but we need to realize that those things will fade away. The only thing that truly matters is our relationship with Jesus. When having a heavenly perspective, we focus our attention on our future in heaven. Read on to see how in more practical ways!

July cover

christian teen magazine

March 2017 Magazine – Holiness and Being Christ’s Bride

Spring is almost here! Welcome to March! 🙂 This month we have a lot of fun put together for you, from crafts, recipes, an interview, a new author, and more! Needless to say, over here at Th!nk, we are very excited to share this month’s magazine with you. The theme is two-fold: holiness, and also what it means to be Christ’s bride. Both of which are very important in every area of our lives. We have this very special gift: as God’s church we are also His bride. We are pure, holy, cleansed, and sparklingly beautiful! Even if we were completely filthy before.

christian teen magazine

Behind The Scenes – Meet our newest author!

Hey! This is Nina, the new author for Th!nk! So, I’m just going to give a quick intro to me, and then I have a question to ask you. So…. me. I have two older siblings (SarNewest Author Behind the Scenesa is one of the original Th!nk authors), and I love music. Some of my favorite singers/bands are David Dunn, Jamie Grace, Jordan Feliz, and For King and Country. I’m learning to play guitar, I have a passion for writing, and also drawing.  I live in Arizona, but Washington state is my home, if that makes sense :D. So, after that quick intro, now I am going to ask a question:

What do you do for fun?

Now, it’s a simple question, but I want you to just think about it for a bit. If you look at my intro, I mentioned a couple things I do for fun. There’s all sorts of things though! Maybe you swim,  like sports, babysit, go hiking, bake things, or are good with animals. God has a plan for you. Most likely, you have no idea what it is. I have no idea, whatsoever, what God’s plan is for me. Maybe it will involve singing/guitar, drawing, or writing, but I have no idea. And things could change a whole lot! But God gave me these passions, he gave you your talents, and they will be apart of God’s plan for you. We often get confused. What does God want for us? What’s the most important thing we should do now?  What if we’re confused, because there’s so many possibilities for God’s plan? Don’t complain about that. God will close doors and open doors, He will take things away from you if he needs, and you probably will gain many more talents that will be apart of God’s plan. We just need to remember that things never  work out in our timing, they work out in God’s  timing. We can’t change His plan, because he is unchangeable.

So, do what you can now, use your talents for God, now. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re “too young”  or are making excuses. Use what you have now, until God closes the door, or opens the door wider.

Nice to meet you! Have a good month!

Behind The Scenes – Goodbye, and Welcome

Behind the Scenes

Life never stops moving. It is so full of change. And with people that come and go. We at Th!nk will be missing Ellie, as she continues on to the next season of life. As she is starting at the community college, this will be Ellie’s last magazine for the time being. We are thankful for her writing, her art, her formatting, and all her contributions to Th!nk. Ellie, we are excited for you as you enter this next phase of life! I am thankful that our friendship won’t end here… I really appreciate your care for others and their interests, for your love of music, fantasy, and pencils. Thank you for being a part of this, Ellie!

People come and go. We ourselves go many places following God and leave many. Nina has joined our path for a time. We are happy to welcome her as part of the Th!nk team. This will be her first official month with us, though she has written many times for Th!nk in the past. Welcome Nina!

Is life changing for you? Maybe at an alarming pace? Well, it is totally normal, and you are not alone. If you are leaving siblings in Christ, or if they are leaving you, take comfort in the knowledge that in addition to the time here on earth, you will have eternity with them in Heaven! Our General just wants us to go to different wings of the army for now… so that we can conquer even more effectively!

Letter from an Author

Letter from an Author

Hey guys!

I hope you are having a great start to the month of June. Throughout this month we’ve been having a little trouble getting our pages together, but overall we are, yet again, grateful for another edition of Th!nk and in fact a third year of it exactly. Yes, that’s right, it’s our third year anniversary and I can’t be more blown away by all the things we have done and how fast time has gone by.

Throughout these three years a lot has changed. Our pages have more variety. Our layouts are a lot more organized. We’ve started using a lot more graphics. But most importantly, we as authors have changed. Personally I feel like my relationship with God has grown more with using my skill of writing to write about Him. Also, Th!nk has helped me with my organization, time management, and computer skills.

Along with me are the other authors that I couldn’t do this without. Even though I’ve only met about half of them face to face, I enjoy spending time doing Th!nk with them and seeing the different skills they bring.

So this month’s character trait is compassion. Just like every month, by writing and researching for pages I learn so much and get a better understanding of what it means. Compassion is a trait that I’m not very familiar with. Personally it just sounds like another word that means something along the line of showing love to others, but compassion isn’t just that. Compassion is feeling sorry and sympathetic for others and wanting to help them. It’s similar to the word companion which I think is cool.

With this new edition of Th!nk I hope we can do something for you. Whether it’s inspire you, encourage you, help you in your faith, or maybe just provide you with a fun little thing to read.

These past three years have been so much fun and I can’t wait for many more!



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July 2014 Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes

This month we have three things we’re showing you. The first is a picture one of our I.T. Members drew. The others are a picture from when we started Th!nk and the most current picture of us together(since Sara moved in January, we don’t have a chance to take a group picture together. We have to use ones from January).

The picture below  was drawn by our good friend Alexandra. Isn’t it amazing? She worked really hard on it and it turned out great.



021 (1)

 When we started Th!nk (June 2013)

Th!nk Authors Pic

The most current picture (January 2014)

Answers to Game Page Scavenger Hunt:


Ainsley’s Name: Book Look

Sara’s Name: Special Thanks part in Table of Contents

Grace’s Name: Life’s Instructions

Behind the Scenes- June 2014

Behind the Scenes

This month, we decided to show you some pictures that we took before Sara moved to Washington State. We hope you enjoy!


These are some pictures we took after a skit we did for B.R.I.G.H.T Lights


These pictures above are with our whole B.R.I.G.H.T Lights group.

If you get our monthly emails of Th!nk Magaizne, then you will get more of everything. More pictures, printables, and so much more. So if you don’t receive our emails and you want the bigger, better version of Th!nk Magazine, please email us.