February 2019 Th!nk Magazine – Singleness

Happy February!

As everyone is celebrating love and everything is covered in pink and red, we wanted to take this month to talk all things singleness.

We have a short story, poem, book review, and a bunch more waiting for you. Not to mention an interview with the debut author Sarah Grace Grzy, which you don’t want to miss.


Feb 2019 Think Cover


One thought on “February 2019 Th!nk Magazine – Singleness

  1. Kaitlyn S. says:

    I haven’t had time to read this in-depth yet, but skimming over it looks really good! Singleness is something I’ve been studying recently, as my younger sister is getting married this Saturday.

    My favourite thought about singleness comes from a book written by Eric and Leslie Ludy. When those two married, his older sister was still single, and someone asked her if she thought she had the gift of singleness. She stopped for a moment, and replied, “Right now today, I do.”

    Right now today we have been given the gift of singleness, but that doesn’t mean it will last forever. It is a special time that is fleeting for many of us, and I, for one, have determined to do all I can for the Lord during this time when I have fewer obligations than I will have once married.

    I am anxious to look over this magazine in completion after Saturday!

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