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Detailed Dialogue – Chuck Black

Chuck Black is the author of many books, some of which include the Kingdom series, the Knights of Arrethtrae, and the recent Wars of the Realm series which we reviewed for you a few months ago. He is the father of six, and he began writing to… well, we will let him tell you! 🙂


Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhen did you start writing books and stories and what inspired them?

Author interview Chuck BlackI began writing in 1999. The first book I wrote was Kingdom’s Edge. I wanted to find a unique method to inspire my children to understand spiritual warfare and to help them fully grasp the significance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.



Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat inspired you to write based off of the Bible?

Author interview Chuck BlackThe greatest story ever told is the story of Jesus Christ. Every other story is a mere shadow of this epic tale. It contains all of the elements of a great story…heroes, villains, good, evil, loss, hope, defeat and victory. The Bible itself inspired me to focus my writing on it. I also wanted my writing to inspire young people to accomplish great things for the Lord and His kingdom.


Th!nk teen Christian magazineIs it hard using the Bible as the foundation for fictional stories?

Author interview Chuck BlackNo, actually it was quite easy, especially since my work is allegorical. The structure for my stories was already in place.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineAre there any other written materials that you find yourself going back to for inspiration or information other than the Bible?

Author interview Chuck BlackI did a lot of reading earlier in my life. Many of those books inspired me. Unfortunately my time for reading, other than the Bible, has diminished greatly.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhich series that you’ve written is your favorite?

Author interview Chuck BlackThis is a very difficult question to answer because each series is so unique and different from the others. I think the best way to answer this question is that my favorite book/series is the one I am currently writing.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat are some of your favorite characters you’ve created and why?

Author interview Chuck BlackSir Dalton, because he is so real. I think many of us can identify with his weaknesses. I loved portraying how his perspective of the Prince (Master Sejus) changed as he slowly understood who He really was.

Sir Quinlan because he was so common and ordinary. God loves using people like this for His great purposes.

Sir Bentley because he was brave enough to seek the Truth no matter the cost.

Lady Carliss because she was pure of heart and unwavering in her commitment to the King…a true overcomer.

Sir Cedric because he is a humble storyteller.


Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat role does your family play in your writing?

Author interview Chuck BlackMy wife and each of my children have all played key roles in my writing. From editing to proofing to audiobook creation, none of this would have been possible without them. Ultimately they were my inspiration behind each story.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineAre any of your characters based off of people in your life?

Author interview Chuck BlackI used certain traits of people I know as a template to create some of the characters. My children were my favorite subjects.





Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat is one thing you hope for readers to get out of your various series of


Author interview Chuck BlackIt is my earnest prayer that readers of all ages will be inspired to live a faith-filled life of adventure for the Lord. That they will see the world through spiritual spectacles and be motivated to fulfill the great commission given to us by the King of Kings.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineHow has God worked in your life?

Author interview Chuck BlackGod is constantly working in my life. He has shown me over and over that He is faithful. And all He is looking for is for us to say “Yes” when He calls.




Th!nk teen Christian magazineWhat piece of advice do you think is important for teenagers to know about knowing God and honoring Him in their youth?

Author interview Chuck Black2 Chronicles 16:9 says, “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.” Be the kind of person that God wants to show himself strong for. Be sold out for Jesus, live a life of faith, humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and say ‘Yes’ when he calls on you.


Thank you, Mr. Black!

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