Behind The Scenes – Goodbye, and Welcome

Behind the Scenes

Life never stops moving. It is so full of change. And with people that come and go. We at Th!nk will be missing Ellie, as she continues on to the next season of life. As she is starting at the community college, this will be Ellie’s last magazine for the time being. We are thankful for her writing, her art, her formatting, and all her contributions to Th!nk. Ellie, we are excited for you as you enter this next phase of life! I am thankful that our friendship won’t end here… I really appreciate your care for others and their interests, for your love of music, fantasy, and pencils. Thank you for being a part of this, Ellie!

People come and go. We ourselves go many places following God and leave many. Nina has joined our path for a time. We are happy to welcome her as part of the Th!nk team. This will be her first official month with us, though she has written many times for Th!nk in the past. Welcome Nina!

Is life changing for you? Maybe at an alarming pace? Well, it is totally normal, and you are not alone. If you are leaving siblings in Christ, or if they are leaving you, take comfort in the knowledge that in addition to the time here on earth, you will have eternity with them in Heaven! Our General just wants us to go to different wings of the army for now… so that we can conquer even more effectively!


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