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Letter From an Author

Hello there!

I hope you’ve had a great September and are ready for October! Hopefully you haven’t been too busy! This month’s theme is HOME. At first I was confused about this topic and didn’t really like it, but with every topic I do for Th!nk, I learn something.

Not only is home used for hospitality and serving, but our home is in heaven. On earth our mission is to go out and teach others about Christ, but we don’t have to go all the way across the world to do it. We can reach out to our local communities and cities. One way to do this is to have an open home and to be hospitable.

On the other hand, our eternal home is in heaven so we don’t have to worry about what’s happening now. Personally I have to remind myself of this a lot because it’s so easy to get caught up in the things of this world.

I hope that as you read this month’s magazine you are encouraged to think of your home differently. As always, please feel free to email us. We’re always here for you! 🙂

An Author

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