Prayer Prompts

Prayer Prompts

We’ve already mentioned the extreme importance of prayer for those who do not know God yet as their personal Lord and Savior, but here we want to issue a challenge. Compile a list of 30 people you know of that do not know Jesus. Start with those closest to you: unsaved friends and family members. Commit to work through the list, praying for one person each day. I know from personal experience that it will be hard to stay on top of it and not slack off, but every time you find yourself distracted or ‘running out of time’ to pray for those on your list, remind yourself of the importance of prayer and their salvation, and look up a scripture giving us this very command.* An idea is to ask another person to do it with you and help keep you accountable. A parent or sibling are probably the best options for this since you see them everyday. So I ask again: please join me in this challenge. Pray! And email us the results! If you want, email us and we would love to help keep you accountable… and you can do the same for us!
*Here are some suggested Scriptures to get you started: John 6 and John 17…


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