August 2015 Th!nk Magazine

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to preview our 2015 August Th!nk Magazine to our readers. It’s a little late, but you won’t want to miss out reading this month’s edition! As we always say, please note that we are not posting our complete editions of Th!nk on this website, but if you know a way we can, that would be so helpful! Here’s a preview of this month’s magazine:

This month’s character trait is Gratitude   

  • In Life’s Instructions, we will go back to the old way we used to write it with the whole 7 days thing
  • Crazy Calendar, Did you Know?, Contest Page, Survey, & Recent Reminders has some fun things you can participate in.
  • In Poem Page, we have an amazing poem all about gratitude
  • Fun & Games has summer jokes and a hand-written mad lib
  • In Crafty Corner we’ll teach you how to make your own side table out of a stool
  • Crazy Braids has a how to tutorial of a silly hairstyle called the Braided Knot Buns
  • In Ask Ainsley, Ainsley and the Authors will give their advice on siblings and tithing
  • Book Look has a book review on “The Princess and the Goblin” by George MacDonald
  • In Dissect It! it’s all about gratitude
  • Real Life Stories has a relatable story about stopping and thinking
  • Find out how grateful you are in Quiz yourself!
  • VS includes gratefulness vs unthankfulness

We hope you enjoy this month’s magazine! Be sure to send us an email if you would love to subscribe!

~ The Th!nk Authors

Here’s this month’s survey: Feel free to help us by answering


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