July 2015 Th!nk Magazine

Hello Everybody!

We hope you had a great June and are having a great start to July. As always, please note that we are NOT posting the actual magazine here, just updates, but in the future we hope to be able to post it. If you are not getting our magazine, please email us at thinkauthors@gmail.com. Here’s a preview of this month’s magazine:

This month’s character trait is Leadership and our theme is Watermelon.

  • In Life’s Instructions, we’ll teach you some key tips in becoming a good leader.
  • In Crazy Calendar, Survey & Results, Recent Reminders, Did You Know…?, and the Monthly Contest there are many fun activities for you to do this summer.
  • Our Poem Page has a very inspiring poem about true freedom
  • In Party Palooza we have some very fun party ideas.
  • In Crafty Corner we’ll show you how to make a cute bag out of an old pair of jeans
  • Crazy Braids includes a fun hairstyle called the fan bun.
  • Fun & Games has some cool jokes, illustrations and a fun mad lib.
  • In GAC we’ll talk all about Oreo Cows and cows
  • In our Book Look we have a very well-done book review of Son of Charlemagne by Barbara Willard
  • In Real Life Stories we have some pretty cool and relatable stories
  • In Is It Good? We have a recommendation page of our favorite Christian websites.
  • Life’s Applications has a well-written story about leadership.
  • In our newest page, An Everyday Missionary we talk about how any one of us can be a leader
  • VS includes dependability vs inconsistency
  • In Behind the Scenes, you can hear our updated story on how we started. Click HERE to read it!

We hope you enjoy this month’s magazine! If you are not subscribed to us please do so. If you have not received this month’s magazine, please let us know.


~ The Th!nk Authors


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