June 2015 Th!nk Magazine

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are had a great month of May and are enjoying a great start to June. Just a little reminder, we are NOT posting our magazine on this website, just updates and previews. We have come to realize that if you are subscribed to our website, you may receive 20 emails in one day which can be pretty annoying. If you are not getting our magazine then please email us at thinkauthors@gmail.com. Thank you! Now here’s a preview of this month’s magazine:

This month’s character theme is serving and the theme is summer.

  • Life’s Instructions includes some very inspiring verses about helping others
  • Crazy Calendar, Survey & Results, Recent Reminders, Did You Know…?, and the Monthly Contest has very interesting and fun things you can do this month.
  • Our Poem Page shows you how to write a diamante poem
  • Define It! defines what serving really is
  • Dissect it! digs a little deeper into Philippians 2:5-7
  • Real Life Stories includes some really cool life experiences
  • Fun and Games has some funny jokes and a fun picture game
  • Life’s Application has a well-written story about service
  • VS includes availability versus self-centeredness
  • Lastly, Behind the Scenes includes an updated version of our about the authors page that you can view right here

We hope you enjoy this month’s magazine! If you are not subscribed to us please do so. If you have not received this month’s magazine, please let us know.

~ The Th!nk Authors


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