May 2015 Th!nk Magazine

Happy May to all of you!

I can’t believe we are already into the fifth month of this year! Here’s some stuff that will be in this month’s magazine edition:

This month’s character trait is honor and the theme is flowers.

  • Life’s Instructions is on what you need to know about honor
  • Crazy Calendar, Survey & Results, Did you know…?, Recent Reminders & Contest Page all include fun ideas and things about this month
  • Book Look is on a book called In Search of Honor by Donna Lynn
  • Tasty Turn includes an amazing recipe on how to make pumpkin pie ice cream
  • Crafty Corner shows you how to make an origami frog
  • Poem Page has a fantastic poem about honor
  • Define it! defines what honor really means
  • Dissect it! digs a little deeper into what honor truly is
  • Real Life Stories includes two amazing stories about honor
  • Fun & Games has cool jokes and an I Spy game
  • Crazy Braids shows you how to make a Dutch braid
  • Detailed Dialogue has an interview about a girl who went on a missions trip
  • Not Just Knots teaches you how to purl
  • Life’s Application has a well-written story about showing honor
  • VS includes virtue versus impurity

We hope you enjoy this month’s magazine! If you are not subscribed to us please do so. If you have not received this month’s magazine, please let us know.

~ The Th!nk Authors


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