Dissect It!- August 2014

Dissect it!

1 Thessalonians 5:16 Rejoice always,

Such a short verse but with so much to learn. How this is easier said than done! First what does the word rejoice mean? Some synonyms might be: celebrate, be overjoyed, triumph, be glad, feel happy, delight, enjoy… So as we are fighting God’s battle this means we should triumph always even when we lose. Huh? Why? How? Through Christ! Even when the situation seems like your are on the wrong end take Joy in God. He will never leave you and so your Joy should never leave! That is what the ALWAYS part of this bible verse is. It is a hard teaching but it is true! Triumph over evil, fleshly thoughts, desires, temptations, responses ALWAYS, not only when it is easy! Celebrate Christ’s victory over death and your salvation always! Not only at first when it is fresh in your mind but when the road gets hard and the way is narrow and few are following it. Look at Romans 12:21.


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