Not Just Knots & G.A.C. Quiz Answers- August 2014

Not Just Knots…

So this page is a knitting/crocheting page… but we never actually have taught you how to knit! How can this be? So, this month we are going to teach you the first basic things you need to know to knit. And we have an idea for practices that can also be a ministry! All you need to do it knit 7” by 9” sections and send them to an organization we found and they will connect them together with other sections to make blankets which they donate to people who need it. So this month we are going to teach you to knit so hopefully you can use this skill to bless others either through this organization or through gifts, donations, and however else you can! Since knitting is something that would take a lot of explaining to write down for you here, we have a how-to video to make it easier. Just email us and we will be happy to send it to you!

To learn more about the organization go to:


G.A.C. Quiz Answers

1. C- They sleep most of the time

2. Yes- They do sleep a lot

3. B- They eat eucalyptus leaves

4. D- Koalas are most like kangaroos


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