Define It!- Joy

Define It!

Word: Joy


According to Google: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

According to the emotion of great delight or happiness

According to Intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness.

Defining It!:

The definitions above are very similar. They talk about having a great amount of happiness or delight. In my opinion, I never have really  thought about what joy means, but now that I see these definitions, I think of joy as being happy. My definition would be

to have an extraordinary feeling of happiness.

Godly Perspective:

We have joy because Christ died for our sins. We don’t have to worry about anything because Christ has taken care of everything. Read more about this in Real Life Stories.

Why Joy?

For the next couple of months, we are going to do the fruits of the spirit in order. Since we already did love in the October 2013 edition, we decided to do joy. I think it’s very important to have joy because when you have joy, you feel better and your have a happiness inside you that makes you feel like you’re glowing.


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