Ask Ainsley- August 2014

Ask Ainsley

If you have any questions, please email them to us and Ainsley will gladly answer it for you!

Dear Ainsley,

In a couple of days, I leave for a Christian camp that is a week-long. I’m really worried that the girls in my cabin won’t like me and talk to me. What can I do to help me be more confident? What do I do if that happens?

Dear Th!nk Reader,

Thank you for the question!Most importantly, I think you should pray. You can ask God to help you be more confident, and if the girls are mean and don’t talk to you, you can pray for them and ask God to change their hearts. Before hand and as your driving, pray that God will place you in the cabin that is best for you. If the girls are mean to you, you can ask your camp counselor for help, she or he will be able to work it out. Try to be the friend you would want to have to them. Whatever you do, I know you will have fun and everything will turn out great. Just don’t worry or be anxious, the Bible says to cast your cares on Him.



Dear Ainsley,

School is starting up soon and I’m really nervous about the teacher I will get. What if she’s mean, what if she gives out a lot of homework, what if she yells. What do you think?

Dear Th!nk Reader,

God will give you the teacher that he knows is best for you. I know it can be hard sometimes when you are waiting to find out and you don’t trust God. Ask God to help you to trust in him with what he decides. He might put you in a certain class for a specific reason. Maybe there’s a new girl who He needs you to be friends with, maybe He needs you to stand up for Him, or maybe He needs you in that class for the teacher’s sake. If worse comes to worse and you don’t like your teacher, tell you your parents. They might be able to talk to your teacher or the principle. You can also ask God to help you get through the school year if that doesn’t work. Just keep praying!




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