July 2014 Cover & Table of Contents


Th!nk  3 Girls, 1 Mission

July 2014 Edition

Drawn by Abigail Boyd

Drawn by Abigail Boyd



It’s our one-year anniversary of Th!nk so we have a huge edition waiting for you to read

Amazing pictures everywhere drawn by our Illustrations Team

Party Palooza: Our party planning page. Learn how to plan fun summer parties from the authors

Not Just Knots: Our yarn crafts page. Learn how to make a crochet flower pen


July 2014 Table of Contents

Character Trait: Trust

Color Theme: Rainbow


Special Thanks To:







Special shout out to Sara’s friend Abigail (cover), Jessica (jokes), and Alexandra (Behind the Scenes). If you have a drawing talent, please email us and you will get to draw for Th!nk’s next edition.


Thanks for reading our 13th edition of Th!nk Magazine. If you have any questions, ideas, problems, or answers, we would love to help you and do our best to make it possible. Please email it to us at thinkauthors@gmail.com or comment on our website which iswww.mythinkmag.wordpress.com



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