G.A.C. on Lions

G.A.C.(God’s Amazing Creation)


Height: 4 feet (1.2m) (males).

Length: 5-8 feet (1.5-2.4m) (males).

Weight 330-500 lbs (150-227 kg) (males).

In general, female lions are smaller than males.

Lifespan: 10-14 years.

Top speed: 50 mph (81 km/hr), for short distances

Diet: Lions consume a wide variety of prey, from wildebeest, impala, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and wild hogs to sometimes rhinos and hippos. They will also feed on smaller animals such as hares, birds and reptiles. Lions are also known to attack elephants when food is scarce.

Where they live: Though lions used to live in most parts of Africa, they are now found only in the south Sahara desert and in parts of southern and eastern Africa. Historically, in addition to Africa, lions were found from Greece through the Middle East to northern India.

All credits go to:http://www.defenders.org/african-lion/basic-facts


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