Real Life Stories- July 2014

Real Life Stories

Bees and Wasps. Yuck!

By a 12-year-old girl

I do not like bees and wasps at all. I have never been stung by one and I never want to. When I see others get stung, it looks like it hurts a lot, so that why I never ever want to be stung. At my house, we have no screened in pool so that means that bees and wasps can freely come and sting us when we are playing in the pool. Every now and then, when I see a bee or wasp, I scramble out of the pool so I don’t get stung. Now, I’m learning to trust God and be fearless. I will try not be afraid of bees or wasps, but if one happens to stung me, I know that God will take care of me.

Trust Is The Key

By a 13-year-old girl

This past week, I could tell that God was teaching me to trust in him. I can think of at least four times when that happened. Here are a couple of them.

  • I went on a canoe trip and I was very nervous that the boat would flip over and I would fall into the water. I had to keep my mind off of it and trust in him. Luckily we didn’t fall into the water, but he sure did save me from almost doing it.
  • My church VBS was this past week and I was apart of the worship team. We didn’t start learning the new songs until a 2 weeks before the first night of VBS. I was super scared that we wouldn’t be prepared at all, but I trusted in God, and he helped us through every motion of every song.

I hope you can learn from my experiences!

Give God the Glory

By a 13-year-old girl

For the past week and a half my sister and I have had intense practices for a musical we are in. As we progressed from reading the lines, to acting, to a dress rehearsal, to the actual play; I have at times been nervous. I have discovered if I pray before I go on stage and I just let God be in control, and give him the glory because I know it is through him that I am able to do this in the first place, I am able to relax and I do so much better. But the time when I forget this and am confident in only myself I am forgetting lines, messing up, and embarrassing myself. Though a kids musical may seem unimportant and you may wonder why would God care about this small thing, it is comforting to know he does care and will help you through anything if you will just let him and trust him.


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