Life’s Application- Trust

Life’s Application

This month there are two stories about two different girls in similar situations. Judge for yourself which girl was trusting God with her time.

Story 1:

Sally rolled over in bed. Blinking, she slowly opened her eyes and stared at the clock. It took a moment for her to register what she was seeing. It was 9:30 a.m.! She only had 15 minutes to be in the car with the rest of her family driving to church! Immediately Sally was out of bed yanking off her Pajamas. a few minutes later Sally was still running around the room getting dressed when her little sister Darlene knocked on the door. “What?!” Sally called. “Mommy told me to tell you that your breakfast is on the counter,” Darlene informed her. “I could have done it myself! Did you already put the milk in? It’ll be soggy!” Sally scolded her. “Uhh… Yeah I think Mommy did put milk in. She had me measure it,” Darlene said. Sally burst through her bedroom door wearing her favorite skirt with a white top. She ran past Darlene downstairs to get her breakfast and came up 2 minutes later covered in an entire glass of orange juice which she’d spilled on herself after eating only one bite of her eggs (with cooked in them). After getting all the sticky orange juice mostly residue off Sally discovered she had nothing she wanted to wear, she had lost her note-book and she only had 3 more minutes to be in the car. “Mom!!” She yelled.

Story 2:

Melody yawned and looked at her watch. She rubbed her eyes and looked again. She only had 15 minutes until she had to go to church! Melody sat up and groaned “Oh no!”. Stumbling out of bed she hastily made her bed and opened her Bible, “Father,” she prayed, “I am sorry I didn’t get up earlier that I could have had more time; but I pray that you bless the time I do have. And Lord, I know I don’t deserve it but will you please help me to get everything done this morning you know I need to get done. And please help me to be humble and have peace about the things I don’t get done because I know your will will be done.” Melody looked down in her lap at where she’d opened her Bible. Her eyes fell on a verse she’d highlighted before: But those who harvest it will eat it and praise the Lord “What does that mean?” Melody thought, leaving her Bible open on her bed and beginning to change. She was still thinking about this as she entered the kitchen a few minutes later, “Good Morning Roy” She greeted her older brother. “Good Morning Sleepy head,” he grinned. Melody smiled and began to make a bowl of cereal. “Wait,” Roy instructed her and grabbed a second plate from the cabinet. “Here, you can have some of these eggs if you want,” he said. “Really? Wow thanks! I know you are the best cook in the house!” Melody replied taking the plate from him and sitting down at the table. “Thank you Lord for already working in my life that I may have the time I need!” she prayed silently.  “Roy, have you seen my ‘homework’ for church? Remember, we were supposed to look of bible verses on the topic of humility?” Melody asked. “Umm… I don’t think so. Mine is right here,” he patted his pocket. “Hmm…” Melody murmured getting up and taking both their plates to the sink. As she distractedly tried to remember what she’d one with her ‘homework’ she accidentally sprayed herself trying to adjust the sink nozzle. When she finally came downstairs again she was wearing her least favorite shirt but she had a triumphant smile on her face. “I found it!” She announced. “Great!” Roy said, “Now come on or we will be late!” He warned her.

Apply it…

  • Have you ever noticed that how you start you day affects the rest of the day? I have! Try starting your day like Melody in prayer, bible study, and ‘quiet time’. Even if you only have a limited amount of time still just that helps!
  • I am sure you can relate to these two girl’s situations. The question is how did you respond to their situations? With frustration, short temperedness, and anger? Or with Peace, thankfulness, and love?
  • Have you ever trusted God with time? I think it should be a daily thing! Trust me. I have been like both of these girls and I think Melody’s way works best. When God is you focus everything is easier! Think about: How can you trust God with you time? What does this mean?

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