Dissect It! July 2014

Dissect it!

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways submit to him,

and he will make your paths straight.

We talk about trust and what it means to trust the Lord in Define it! What does it meant to do this with all your heart? Maybe, all you passions,? All your deepest desires? All you triumphs, and hurts; emotions, impulses, crushes, fears, dreams, disappointments? Yes. It means all those and everything else to. You need to learn to trust the lord with all of you. Trust him to protect, love, forgive, guide, direct, shape, purify, and teach you. To do this you need to surrender it all to him and learn not to worry about the things (which should be everything) you have entrusted into his care. Say you are planning a birthday party. You are really busy and have 2 other people helping you to plan it.  Say you assign 1 to take care of the food. There is one week until the birthday party. Do you ask that person 3 times a day what they are doing for food, when they will cook it, what plate they will serve it on, what ingredients they cook it with…. and so on? Well I hope your answer was no, you would leave it to them and not nag them. I think sometimes we do this to God. we say we have trusted him with something but we constantly ask him what he is doing with it, when will you get it back(the answer is never), and then you try and take it from him. DON’T do this! God knows better than you what he’s doing.Trust in him with everything and don’t question him about anything. If you do this he will satisfy (and beyond) you. Part of trusting him with these things is to not lean on you own understanding. Who know the better way to do things? God. Who would fail on their own? You. Even if you don’t understand trust God and don’t question him! He will prevail and guide you! Just trust him!


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