July 2014 Party Palooza

Party Palooza

We did this page a long time ago. We hope you enjoy it and are inspired. If you have any themes or ideas for the next Party Palooza, please email us, we could definitely use it. The theme this month is Summer. Some of these ideas could work for a regular pool day or a get together.



Watermelon: I know this is not an original idea, but fresh watermelon is really tasty for all parties, especially if it’s a pool party and they’re also fun. You could have a watermelon seed spitting contest if you don’t mind having the seeds everywhere. I remember having one of those a long time ago. We spit seeds over the fence into someone’s yard. I don’t think they were too happy about it.

Delicious Ice Cubes: In our August magazine, we have a recipe on how to make delicious tasting ice cubes. I definitely recommend making these. They make a great snack or tasty flavorer in a drink. Please email us if you would like us to send you the recipe.

Seasoned Popcorn: Pop a bag of popcorn and go through your spices cabinet. Mix and test different seasonings and spices to create the perfect flavor for your popcorn. You could also use Parmesan cheese(the grated topping kind) or Kraft macaroni cheese from your pantry or fridge. I like to mix parmesan topping with a small amount of spices. It tastes really good if you like spice.



Watermelon Cupcakes: For my 12th Birthday, I decided to go with watermelon looking cupcakes since my favorite colors are green and pink. I had a fun and easy time making these cupcakes. All you do is prepare a store-bought mix of cupcakes(it could be plain or a green mix) and put them in a green cupcake liner(or another color if you would like). Then you put them in the oven for the baking time it says on the box. Next, you let them cool and then frost them. Then you can pipe your pink cupcake icing(or make your own with food coloring) on your cupcakes and top with mini chocolate chips to look like watermelon seeds.


Cookie Mix Brownies: Follow the recipe on any kind of cookie package. Instead of putting them into balls, put them in a brownie pan so that the mix looks like a cake. Bake for the time on the package, you my need to cook it longer or shorter. Let it cool and then eat. It tastes a little differently than brownies; light and airy.

Oreo Cupcakes: For my birthday party this year, I decided to go with Oreo cupcakes because I loved how you made them. Place a Oreo on the bottom of your cupcake liner. Mix up a package of any chocolate cake mix. Place your mix on top of the Oreo but in the liner. Cook for the amount it says on the box. Make or use a cream cheese frosting and fold in finely chopped Oreos. Put the icing on your cupcakes and you have a delicious Oreo cupcake. If you wanted to, you could put a mini Oreo on the top for extra decoration. As you can see, for almost all my birthday [parties I put my cupcakes in the shape of the age I’m turning.

2014-06-20 20.17.42

Pool Games:

Pool Foursquare/Volleyball: Make your own pool foursquare court. All you need is two long ropes, some chairs or objects to hold it, and a giant beach ball. This game is just like foursquare but in the water so it’s like volleyball foursquare. You put the ropes so that they intersect each other over the pool. Playing this game is a lot of fun and also a workout for those who are on the deeper sides. I think it’s a great game to play at your next pool party.



Keep Away: This is a fun game we played at my graduation party. Since there were mixed genders, we decided to play boys against girls. Basically the boys tried to keep the ball away from the girls, and once the girls got the ball, they tried to keep it away from the boys. You do this by throwing or passing the ball to the people on your team. This game works for all ages and will definitely keep you busy for a few hours. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Inflatable Saturn: This is a great activity for a pool party. It’s a giant blow up Saturn! It was so much fun but difficult at the same time. You try to balance on it for as long as you can, but the problem is that it’s very challenging. You can get your own giant Saturn at http://www.walmart.com/ip/Aviva-Saturn-Pool-Rocker/15937532 . It’s great for any age, any gender. The boys at my brother’s birthday party also had a blast playing on this.

Permission from Maddie Freisz and Cheyenne Seiler

Permission from Maddie Freisz and Cheyenne Seiler

Permission from Maddie Freisz and Cheyenne Seiler

Permission from Maddie Freisz and Cheyenne Seiler


Fabulous Flip flops: These are really fun and cute flip-flops that you can decorate with fabric. All you need is a pair of flip-flops, fabric in strips(14-22 for each shoe is about right) and fabric scissors. What you do is take your fabric, cut it, and wrap it around your flip-flop. Then you tie it like you would tie your shoes. Continue doing this with each fabric strip until you like how it looks. I have to admit, the shoes are uncomfortable at first, but once you wear them a couple of times, they break through and feel better.


Soda Can Decorations: In September’s magazine, we showed you how to reuse soda cans to make a really cool table decoration. All you do is paint a clean soda can with your favorite acrylic paint and let it dry. We can send you the original page if you would like the proper directions. You can place fake flowers, real flowers, pens or even this month’s craft in it.



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