Define It! Trust

Define It!

Word: Trust


According to on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

According to Google-firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

According to reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing

Defining It:

The definitions above are very similar. Probably the most similar than in any other Define It! They talk about believing or relying in someone or something. You can do this in many different ways which are mentioned above. The definition I like the most is the one from Google. I think of it more as having trust in God, and not in a friend or adult. Although that’s a great lesson, I would like to focus more on having trust in God, because that’s the most important trust. I don’t like the definitions about trusting in objects because it’s not good to believe or rely on God’s creation, rather the creator himself. To sum it up, this is my definition. Relying or believing in the ability of a person, specifically the Lord.

Godly Perspective:

We need to trust in the Lord when things don’t go our way. It’s also good to have trust in the Lord so you can have a better relationship with him. He is always in control of everything, we need to acknowledge that and submit to him.

Why Trust?

A year ago, we definitely had to trust God with Th!nk. We only had 17 subscribers then. We could have given up because barely anyone was emailing us. But after a whole lot of trust, this past year we have a grand total of 71 subscribers. See what can happen when you have trust. God can do great things.


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