July 2014-Is It Good?

Is It Good?

Don’t forget to send us your questions on anything having to do with entertainment!

Q: Dear Authors,

What do you think about the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2? I thought the first movie was pretty good, but I wanted to know if it’s worth seeing the second one.

A: Dear Th!nk Reader,

I recently saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 and I thought it was okay. In my opinion, I think the first movie was better, but just by a little bit. I think it is fine for any age group because there is nothing inappropriate in it. Yes, there is kissing, but it’s between a mom and a dad, and Hiccup and Astrid(who do it on the cheek, but they are about 20 so I think it’s fine).If you liked the first movie, I think you would like the second one. Beware, I almost cried so you might cry also. Overall, I think it’s a great movie that I think lot’s of our readers would like.

-Th!nk Authors


Q:Dear Authors,

I was wondering what kind of music you listen to. Do you only listen to Christian or do you listen to other stuff also?

A: Dear Th!nk Reader,

I know the authors listen to a lot of the JoyFM or SpiritFm. It’s mostly the only music I listen to. I know that Grace is a big Taylor Swift fan. She is always wearing her “Red” shirt and bracelet. Other than that, we aren’t really big music listeners. I don’t think it’s wrong to listen to non-Christian music, but it is wrong to be singing or listening to inappropriate things that your parents wouldn’t want you to be hearing. Keep an eye out for lyrics that aren’t God honoring. Do you remember in Life’s Instructions when we showed song lyrics and talked about what every word meant? We did that mostly to show how important it is to understand what you are singing.

-Th!nk Authors


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