July 2014 Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes

This month we have three things we’re showing you. The first is a picture one of our I.T. Members drew. The others are a picture from when we started Th!nk and the most current picture of us together(since Sara moved in January, we don’t have a chance to take a group picture together. We have to use ones from January).

The picture below  was drawn by our good friend Alexandra. Isn’t it amazing? She worked really hard on it and it turned out great.



021 (1)

 When we started Th!nk (June 2013)

Th!nk Authors Pic

The most current picture (January 2014)

Answers to Game Page Scavenger Hunt:


Ainsley’s Name: Book Look

Sara’s Name: Special Thanks part in Table of Contents

Grace’s Name: Life’s Instructions


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