G.A.C.(God’s Amazing Creation)& Quiz- June 2014

G.A.C.(God’s Amazing Creation)



According to a study that involved the dissection of over 1,400 lionfish stomachs from Bahamian to North Carolinian waters, Pterois prey mostly on small fish, invertebrates and mollusks in large amounts, with some specimens’ stomachs containing up to six different species of prey. The amount of prey in lionfish stomachs over the course of the day suggest that lionfish feed most actively from 7:00–11:00 am, with decreased feeding throughout the afternoon. Researchers have also noted that lionfish blow jets of water while approaching prey, apparently in order to disorient them.

Hazard To Humans:

Lionfish are known for their venomous fin rays, a feature that is uncommon among marine fish in the East Coast coral reefs. The potency of their venom makes them excellent predators and poisonous to fishermen and divers. In humans, Pterois venom can cause systemic effects such as extreme pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, breathing difficulties, convulsions, dizziness, redness on the affected area, headache, numbness, paresthesia (pins and needles), heartburn, diarrhea, and sweating. Rarely, such stings can cause temporary paralysis of the limbs, heart failure and even death.

Native Range And Habitat:

The lionfish is a predator native to the Indo-Pacific. It aggressively preys on small fish and invertebrates. They can be found around the seaward edge of reefs and coral, in lagoons, and on rocky surfaces to fifty meters. They show a preference for turbid inshore areas and in harbors. Lionfish have a generally hostile attitude and are territorial towards other reef fish. Many universities in the Indo-Pacific have documented reports of Pterois aggression towards divers and researchers.


This month, we decided to do a quiz that goes along with G.A.C. After reading the article above, try to answer these questions.


1. Are Lionfish…

a. Herbivores

b. Omnivores

c. Carnivores


2. When are lionfish feed most actively?

a. At 12:00pm

b.At night

c. In the morning


3. What is something lionfish are known for?

a. Their fin rays

b. Their beautiful eyes

c. How long they stay underwater


4. T or F Lionfish can kill people


5. T or F Lionfish mostly live in lakes.


6. T or F 200 Lionfish were dissected for a study

Answers are in Fun and Games section


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