Life’s Application- June 2014

Life’s Application

“We’re here!” Linda’s Mom announced as Linda’s father pulled their car into Grandfather’s long driveway. Both Linda and her older sister, Lindsey sat up and peered out the windows into the gathering dusk. Their Grandparent’s house was their favorite place in the world. They had big, rolling fields, hidden meadows, and climbing trees. You could go out and stuff yourself with juicy peaches from the few citrus trees in the front yard, and the walk along the border of the property through a strip of dusty smelling forest to a swimming hole to rinse off. As the car pulled to a stop the sisters jumped out of the car and took deep breaths of the fresh, clean country air. Suddenly the door to the house in front of them opened and the both girls took off sprinting “Grandfather! Grandmother!” They cried joyously.


The following morning while Lindsey was helping Grandmother in the Kitchen (they wouldn’t say what they were doing but it smelled delicious), Linda followed Grandfather out to the garden. Rusty, a new puppy Grandfather had gotten trailed after them. Soon both Grandfather and Granddaughter were at work, pulling out stubborn weeds. “This one’s roots go down far!” Linda exclaimed digging deeper and deeper. Suddenly she realized something. “Rusty!!” She shouted. The puppy stopped what it was doing instantly and sheepishly came and cowered next to Linda. She laughed; Rusty looked like a naughty toddler who’d been caught with candy he wasn’t supposed to have. instead he had been caught digging where he wasn’t supposed to.


That afternoon the sisters walked out to the end of the long driveway to get the mail. “Isn’t it wonderful to be here?” Linda asked softly taking in the surrounding beauty. “Yeah,” Lindsey said just as softly. “Linda?” she asked a few  quiet minutes later. “Yes?” Linda turned to her sister. “Can you help me with a surprise for Grandmother?” Lindsey requested. “Sure, what is it?” Linda asked excitedly.


“Don’t forget to do that spot,” Lindsey said pointing. “I already did!!” Linda replied emphatically. They’d been at work cleaning the refrigerator for an hour already and Lindsey’s determination for it to be perfect was irritating Linda. It felt like everything she did was wrong in Lindsey’s eyes.


An hour later Grandfather found Linda in the bushes sobbing. He studied her for a moment and than spoke, “Linda?” Linda looked up with red eyes and a wet face, “Yes Grandfather,” “Would you like to go for a ride with me? I will go a saddle Josie and Fleet up,” Grandfather invited. “Yeah okay,” Linda replied, it was always a treat to ride with Grandfather. Riding always made Linda feel free and joyful; she suspected this was why Grandfather wanted her to go. Soon the two were riding at a fast pace to their favorite spot along a creek down the road. When they reached the creek Grandfather slowed down a little. “So what is bothering my lovely Granddaughter today?” He asked. Linda was silent. Grandfather was silent too, he knew Linda would start talking when she was ready. “I guess it’s not that important…”Linda hesitated. “Go on,” Grandfather prompted. It all came out in a rush, “Grandfather, it;’s not fair! I was trying my best but Lindsey kept finding things wrong. She left all the hard parts to me and then got upset when I did them. It was supposed to be fun, but it was miserable she just kept bossing me around! It was like we were cleaning for God himself!” Linda Stopped realizing what she’d just said. Grandfather smiled, “ Does not the Bible say ‘do everything as if you were doing it for Christ?” “Yes,” Linda confirmed shamed. “Well, Linda, do you really think Lindsey was doing this to you out of meanness? I think she was just trying to follow this verse and didn’t realize how you were feeling. I am sure she didn’t purposely leave all the hard stuff to you. I know it hurts when someone you look up to mistreats you. Anyway even if she had it would have been wise of you to submit to her in this anyway; I am sure it would have paid off in the end.”


Arriving back breathless from racing the two were just in time to hear Lindsey calling, “Who wants pie?”

Apply it…

  • My sibling is my authority? Yes, they can be. As with every authority you need to make sure what they are asking you to do or say is pleasing to God, but you will find that if you submit to your sibling they will respect you and you will earn their trust. It may seem illogical but it is true.
  • When you submit to your sibling you are being an example to them of how they should submit to God and others in authority. Ephesian 5:21 NIV says, Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

Linda learns that you must do everything as if you were doing it for God, the King of Kings, someone who has the power both to give life and to take it, to bless and to take away. How would you treat God if he were coming to you house? Treat everyone else that way. Treat them as if they were Jesus in the way you speak and act, while you are doing chores or school, how you take care of yourself. It doesn’t just say in some things but in everything. If you do this you will have treasure in heaven! Matthew 25:40 NIV says, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (I suggest reading this verse in context)


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