Crafty Corner- How to Decorate your Gratitude Journal

Crafty Corner

This month, we are going to show you some ideas for decorating your gratitude journal. Any journal will work fine, in the examples, I used a planner. Hope you enjoy!

Our first idea:

You will need a permanent marker and your journal.

Last month we talked about choosing a focus verse for 2014. Write your verse for the year (or your favorite verse) on the cover. Or you can decorate it with doodles or hearts, etc. Below, I put the verse I’m working on for the year which is 2nd Timothy 1:7.

Our second idea:

You will need scissors, ribbon, and your journal.

Cut the ribbon at a length so that it goes around the cover and you can tie it. See below if you don’t understand. Next, wrap the ribbon around the cover and tie into a bow.

Our third idea:

You will need duct tape, ruler, craft knife, tape, and your journal.

Make a duct tape bow by following the instructions from

Then use tape to secure it on your journal.

Our fourth idea:

You will need small photos (or anything about that size), a glue stick or glue dots, clear sticky contact paper(if wanted), and your journal.

Glue your pictures on your journal wherever and however you would like. I put some photos and some of my old art projects on the journal below.If wanted, you can buy a clear sticky contact paper to secure the pictures.

Our fifth idea:

You will need an old magazine, scissors, a glue stick or glue dots, and your journal.

Cut out letters from an old magazine(with permission) that spell your name or any other word(s). Glue them on in the place and position desired.

Extra idea:

You will need scissors, 3-5 different colors of ribbon, and your journal.

Create a handy bookmark by cutting each color of ribbon as long as you think it should be. Then tie them to your journal by taking the ribbons and knotting it around the journal holder.You can use this bookmark to hold different places in your journal or just one. Or if you would like, you can use this idea for your Bible.

Have any other ideas? Let us know in your comments



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