Book Look- The Secret Order

Book Look

A couple month’s ago, we did a Book Look on the Micah Road Mysteries 1st book. This month we are talking about the 2nd book called The Secret Order by Sara Lynne Hilton. I loved reading this book and would definitely read it again. If you don’t read the first book, you can still understand most of the story.

This story is about detectives Chloe and Tasha. After solving their big case in Micah Road Mysteries book 1, they start getting mysterious notes from a person called The Agent. Chloe and Tasha use these mysterious clues to learn more about past Tenebary. These clues lead them on a fascinating experience that may change their town forever.

This book is a quick read, and I almost started crying after a big event taking part in this book. If you love mysteries and adventure, you would love this book. You can’t order this book in the library, but you can order it on You can also order the first book at this website.

As you read in the Contest Page, we are doing a huge giveaway of this book. So please follow the contest instructions and you could win this book.


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