Life’s Application- Gratitude

Life’s Application

Life’s Application is an article we regularly do that shares a realistic fiction story that shows the theme of the month. After reading the story, make sure to answer or do the Apply It questions.

“‘Sandra?” Sandra’s mother called. “Yes ma’am,” Sandra answered coming out of her bedroom which she shared with her younger sister, Jasmine. “Lily’s Mom wants to know if you and I can come over for a Mother-Daughter slumber party the day the boys all go to the baseball game. I told her yes, anyway it is only until nine P.M. which is good because the next day is a school day. She asked us to bring our nail polish” Sandra’s Mom informed her. “Really! Great! I will go get it!” Sandra responded excitedly.


Later that day, Sandra climbed into the car with a plate of cookies in her lap. The nail polish beside her. She’d made bracelets for all the girls who were going. Lily had also invited Amber, and Bess & Becky who were twins and their Moms. They were going to have so much fun. Finally her Mom came out of the house with the car keys which had been missing in the deep abyss of her purse. Trailing after her came Jasmine, wearing her new pink, sparkly boots. ‘How thoughtful of her!’ Sandra thought, ‘she’s bringing me the nail polish remover I forgot!’ But, to Sandra’s surprize, After handing her the remover, Jasmine crawled in the car after it and buckled herself into the back seat. “Jasmine, I didn’t know you were coming,” Sandra exclaimed. “Mommy said I could  come with you guys because Jenny got sick and isn’t coming to the baseball game. Anyway they can’t find a ticket near where everyone else is sitting,”Jasmine told her. Sandra sank back into her seat. Oh great! She’d been looking forward to some time with her friends when they could do whatever they wanted not homework or other things, now they also would probably have to include Jasmine. She made faces at her sister. It was not fair.


Ding-dong. Lily answered the door. “Hi girls you’re the first ones here!” She greeted them. Sandra led the way to the kitchen where Lil’s Mom was preparing snacks. “Is there anyway I can help?” Sandra’s Mom was asking as she put down her stuff. “Come on, let’s go to my room! You haven’t gotten to see my new bedspread we got,” Lily whispered to Sandra. They went to Lily’s room and Jasmine followed close behind. Lily used to share a room with her older sister, Jill, but the family had recently added and extra room to their house. Lily had decided to redecorate her room and had chosen a bright green bedspread with a pretty butterfly design on it. Sandra admired it and the other additions to Lily’s room but tried to pretend that Jasmine wasn’t there. She should have stayed with the adults and let Lily and Sandra alone. The doorbell rang again all the other arrived. During a dinner of homemade pizza Jasmine entertained the other girls with stories and jokes. “I wish I had a little sister!” Bess said. “You do!” Becky reminded her smiling. “You don’t really count, I mean a little sister!” Bess laughed.


After dinner they all did the dishes which were easy because they’d used paper plates. They all did each others hair except for Amber because she had short hair. They did put a bright blue clip in it though.  Then Lily made popcorn and they turned on a movie and painted each other’s nails. Sandra paid little attention to the movie and messed up on Amber’s nail because inside she was seething. It wasn’t fair that Jasmine was getting so much attention. These were her friends not Jasmine’s. “Sorry!” she cried when she saw what she’d done to Amber’s toes. “That’s okay! I think I would like to change the color of nail polish anyway and do a pattern.” She replied stroking her dog that she’d brought along. She was training him to visit with people in nursing homes and kids in hospitals and stuff like that.


When it was time to go they all said good-bye and climbed into the car. The local Christian radio station was on and they were playing the song

‘Here I am to Worship” When it got to the part that said,:

I’ll never know how much it cost

To see my sin upon that cross

I’ll never know how much it cost

To see my sin upon that cross

Sandra stopped singing along with it (which she’d been doing out of habit) and thought about what she’d just said. Oh no! what had she done! Here she was fuming over sharing her friends with her little sister who looked up to her. She was supposed to be an example. How could she get so caught up in this when Jesus had done so much more for her. He had given his life for her sins and here she was, messing up again. She was so worried about this little thing that she hadn’t stopped to look at the bigger picture and just love. Just love everyone and serve like Jesus did. “Oh I am so, so, sorry my Father, my God. I was being self-centered and selfish. I was looking towards my own interests and wasn’t being thankful for what you’ve done for me instead I wanted more, and I wanted what I had all to myself. I am sorry my King. I confess my sins now, oh please forgive me my wonderful Savior and maker. Thank you oh my King for your great and wonderful mercy and grace! Thank you for your unfailing love!”


That night before falling asleep Sandra whispered an apology in the dark down to Jasmine who slept on the bottom bunk of their bed.

Apply it…

  • What is it you are caught up in instead of being thankful and praising God?

  • How might you be doing the opposite of Philippians 2:4 and have been self- centered? How can you change?Also, look up Matthew 6:19-21.

  • What can you be thankful for? Live out Psalms 95:2

     Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song


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