Define It! February 2014

Define It

This is a new page we are going to add to TH!NK. Each time we do it, we will define a word so that you can better understand it. Please email us some words you would like us to define for next month. We hope you like it!

Word: Despicable


According to Google: deserving hatred and contempt

According to deserving to be despised

According to deserving of contempt or scorn

Defining It:

Looking at the three definitions above, you can see that they are very similar. They all talk about despicable meaning deserving. When I think of deserving, I think of God’s grace, it’s totally undeserved but he gives it to us anyway. According to, deserved means qualified for or having a claim to reward, assistance, etc., because of one’s actions, qualities, or situation. When you think about it, we haven’t done any actions that deserve His grace. The rest of the definitions listed above; hatred, contempt, despised, contempt, and scorn are all words that mean to dislike. So you could think of despicable as deserving dislike by someone.

Godly Perspective:

We all are despicable to God, but because of His great love for us, He gives us undeserved grace. God totally has the right to be mad at us for sinning everyday, but He loves us so very much that He sent His only son to die for our many sins. I would definitely be mad seeing all the sadness and danger happening in the world at this very moment. I know I would despise those people and scorn them too. I’m glad that I don’t deal with this everyday and that the One who does, is perfect and won’t hate or dislike any of them.

Why Despicable?

I chose to talk about despicable for the first word of Define It because God really placed it on my heart.  I could tell that once He gave me this idea, that I was going to do it. Recently, I was watching  ‘Despicable Me(movie)’ and I started thinking about what despicable really meant. Half of the people who watch that movie probably don’t even know what despicable means. Now that I know what despicable means, I understand the name of the title better.

I hope you enjoyed the first page of Define It. We would love to hear your ideas for words to define.


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