Tasty Turn/ Reader’s Recipe Page- January 2014

Tasty Turn/Reader’s Recipe Page

If you have any recipes you would like us to feature in next month’s issue, please tell us! Your recipe might even be featured in our magazine!

Unique Foods

Last month, we asked you to tell us what unique food you have tried. Thank you everyone who participated!

These are the unique foods the authors have tried:

Ainsley- “I’ve had candy corn soda. It was very unique and sugary. I don’t know if I would have it again but it was cool to try. I don’t think this is as unique, but I’ve tried star fruit. It is okay in flavor. It’s hard to eat because it has an outside inedible covering. I have also tried a grapple. It’s an apple that tastes and smells like a grape. I liked it a lot and would definitely eat it again.I love trying new foods especially from different cultures.”

Sara- “What I have eaten isn’t really that unique.. though the flavor is. Kimchi is one thing I have eaten: it is spicy (extremely) , pickled cabbage. I do not like it very much, but then again, I don’t really like spicy things and this is really spicy! My brother liked it though. I have also enjoy something called ‘duck’ (at least that is how you pronounce it) which is pressed rice dumplings with bean paste in the middle. Delicious! I also have had Alligator, I think it was good. I have recently gotten to try squirrel chowder, it was delicious but I was a little worried about eating bones and things like that. ”

Grace- “I don’t think I have eaten anything unique.”

These are the unique foods the readers have tried:

Abigail- “I got a little grossed out with the squirrel because I had the leg and I pulled too hard. The knee moved and I almost couldn’t take it! Overall, it was good, but I definitely suggest not eating one of the limbs:) I also ate alligator, but it was at an amusement park, so it wasn’t the best.”
Jennifer- “I’ve eaten wildebeest in Tanzania. It was jerky and tasted like other forms of jerky in the United States. I have also tried termites, but it tasted like dirt. I would never want to eat it again.’


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