January Survey & Results, Contest Page, Crazy Calendar, and Announcements Page

December Survey Results

Last month, we asked you: What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

Results we got from you: 50% presents and 50% spending time with family
Thank you for your honesty!

Contest Page

This month’s contest is to email us your best works of art. It can be drawn or photographed, basically anything creative. It can be a picture (drawing or anything else) of anything but preferably something to do with February. We will show all works of art in next month’s magazine edition. The best/most creative picture will get an ‘about the contest winner’ page on them. Please send your works of art in by January 27th. Thank you for participating!

Last Month’s Contest winner:

Last Month’s contest was to draw or take a picture of the Nativity scene, You could set it up with dolls, you could draw it, you and your friends or family could dress up and take your picture. The prize was that you would get to pick the names for January’s Life’s Application. The winning picture of the competition is:

Congratulations to: Nina

Crazy Calendar

This month is National Soup Month, National Oatmeal Month, Hot Tea Month, and National Braille Literacy Month.

  • The 8th of January is Bubble Bath Day

  • The tenth is Houseplant Appreciation Day… If you can grow them, I am not very good at that.

  • The fourteenth happens to be Dress Up Your Pet Day!

  • The 19th is National Popcorn Day.Put butter, M&Ms, Parmesan cheese… Whatever you want on it!

  • The 20th of January is Penguin Awareness Day!

  • The 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day— have you ever eaten them? Some people appreciate them as food. Keep reading in the Tasty Turn/Reader’s Recipe Page.

  • The twenty-third of January is Measure Your Feet Day…. why?

  • Compliment Day is the twenty-fourth

  • The twenty-fifth is Opposite Day.

  • The 28th is Fun At Work Day. schoolwork, chores, whatever! Make it exciting! You could sing, or pretend you own a restaurant with your sister when you do the dishes or make lunch.

  • The 31st is Backwards Day

What will you do on the fun & maybe crazy holidays? Share it with us by commenting on our website ! We would like to hear what you are doing!!

Announcements Page

Thank you so much for subscribing to Th!nk! Don’t forget to comment on our website and tell your friends about us. Please help us with our new goal: to get a subscriber in all 50 states. Tell us what state you live in so we can make sure we aren’t leaving out any states! So far we have subscribers in Florida and Georgia. We also have subscribers in New Zealand, South Korea, and Canada. If you don’t live in any of the places listed above, please tell us.

We would love to hear your ideas! We will definitely use your ideas in any upcoming editions. Thank you to everyone who gives us their amazing ideas and feedback.


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