Crafty Corner- Bible Verse Packet

Crafty Corner

This month for Crafty Corner we will teach you how to make a Bible verse packet out of duct tape to assist you in your memorization. Just keep this in your pocket so you can easily pull it out to review your verses while you are waiting in line, riding in a car or bus on the way to school, or eating a snack.

•Duct tape (I suggest white duct tape but it doesn’t really matter)


•A ruler

•1 ziping plastic bag

  • A marker

How To Do It

First, cut the ends of your plastic bag.

Now, measure out  3 inches of the plastic bag and mark it with the marker.

Cut at the place you marked, you only need to cut about 2 1/4 in.

At the end of the two and a quarter inches you just cut across the bottom.

Cut a little bit off the top, but make sure you don’t cut too much off.

Now, peel apart the two pieces.

On one of the pieces, cut off most of the plastic leaving only a little

Measure and cut a piece of duct tape that is 3 inches long.

Taking the piece of Plastic bag that you cut most of the plastic off of, tape the piece of Duct tape you just cut onto the top part of the plastic; don’t tape over the bumpy part, the part that connects it to the other one.Tape the tape on the side that would be the inside of the bag.

Now, here comes a tricky part: flip the whole thing over so the sticky side is facing up; and then fold the plastic down onto the tape and press down until it is securely stuck.

Cut Another piece of tape 3 in long, and tape it right under the bumpy part of the plastic.

Turn it sideways and flip it over.

Cut another piece of Duct tape 3 in long, and tape it to the back that should be showing up right now, overlapping the other piece of tape a little bit.

Flip it over.

Fold over the extra tape on the bottom.

Take the other piece of plastic and attach it to the piece that you just put Duct tape on.

Flip it over, and tape the extra plastic to the back with a 3 in long piece of tape. Make sure it is pulled tight.

Cut two pieces of tape each 2 inches long. Using these pieces, tape the sides off the plastic starting at the bottom. Try not to cover too much of the plastic.

Cut two pieces of tape; one 3 1/4 inches long, and the other 2 3/4 inches long.

Tape the two pieces together, centering the smaller one.

Next, with the back of the actual verse packet facing you, tape the two pieces you just taped together to it, forming a pocket. There is no need to cut another piece of tape to do this.

Now, cut a piece of tape 1 1/2 inches long and then cut that piece in half.

Use the two pieces you just cut to tape the bottom of the pocket closed, again, don’t cover the plastic too much.

Now all you need to do is add a piece of paper with a Bible verse on it. I used the Navigators Topical Memory System verse cards. You can add to this verse packet by making another of the same thing you just made and tapeing it to the other one. You could also always add more pockets. The more you want to do the fancier it can be. Here are some pictures of ones I’ve made:

We suggested white tape because you can write on it with a white board marker, and it wipes off!

We would love to hear your craft ideas. Whether it’s duct tape crafts, bracelet crafts, or other things.


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