Training Grounds- Recycle

Training Grounds

This month’s pet trick is called ‘recycle’, in this trick, you pet will basically chase his/her tail on command. It is cute and funny!

•Pet treats


•Your pet


How To Do It:

1.First, gather all you need and position your pet standing in front of you.

2.Holding a treat in your hand, put your hand in front of your pet’s nose and move your hand to your pet’s rump. Your pet’s head (nose) should follow your hand to it’s rump.

3.Move your hand in circles sort of pushing your pet’s bottom, and say ‘recycle’ or whatever keyword(s) you want.

4.Go in two circles (or however many you want, but do the same amount each time) and then give your pet a treat.

5.Practice for a little everyday, and with practice and patience soon you will have a new trick to show your friends and family!

Do you have any tricks you would like us to feature? If so, please tell us in your comments.


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