Real Life Stories-January 2014

Real Life Stories

Quiet Time

By a twelve-year-old girl:

I went to a bible study meeting called B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights much like the one described in Life’s Application and the topic was about self-disciplines. The leader of the meeting asked us to make a list of the things that we thought we needed to work on and the things we thought we were doing pretty well already. One of the things I put on the ‘need to work on’ list was Daily Bible Reading. It wasn’t until I think a few weeks or months (or something like that) later though that I determined to act on what I knew I needed to do. I think it was on my 11th birthday that I decided that I was going to be purposeful to have ‘quiet time’ everyday. Time spent praying and reading the Bible. I don’t think it was very easy to do this because for me it meant getting up early(which I didn’t like to do). You see, I have a younger brother and a younger sister who always want my attention. So, if I wanted anytime to myself when I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted I would have to do it while everyone else is sleeping. My sister and I share a room so I couldn’t do it at night. Every morning I go out onto our back porch for quiet time. Although it was hard it was definitely worth it, I discovered that I like the morning times too. I live in Florida where it is hot to be outside any other time of the day most of the year. When I have ‘quiet time’ in the morning it makes me more efficient all day long and helps me to act more in the way God wants. The more time I spend in God’s word the easier it is to live in a way that glorifies him. I am more loving, joyful, and all the rest. It helps me to see the world through God’s eyes. With God’s help i am able to do this and it makes me want to spend more time with him all day long. When before when I had free time I would want to do my own thing, now I want to read the Bible, serve others, and do things like that.

Busy Busy Busy

By a 12-year-old girl:

Have you ever noticed that when you aren’t doing anything, you sin more than when you are busy? I have definitely noticed that and it has really helped me realize how Satan tries to make us sin. When we aren’t doing anything, we have more time to make bad choices and go against God.For example, when my mom is working and isn’t home, my siblings and I play with electronics all day and don’t do anything because we are being lazy. This is when I have trouble sining. I need to have a structured schedule that will keep me busy so that I don’t sin. I’m not saying that when you are busy, you won’t sin but you probably won’t sin as much.For example, when you are listening and singing to Christian music, you are so focused on the music, that you don’t really sin. You are being filled with God’s love through the music. The more you spend time with God, whether it’s in His Word or listening to Christian music, you will be able to stick to God’s truth and not sin. So if you aren’t doing anything, do something. I hope you will learn from my experience!

We would love to hear your experiences. They may even be put in the February edition!


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