Life’s Instructions- Looking at the ‘Big Picture’

Life’s Instructions

This month, our character trait is looking at the ‘big picture’. We would love to hear your ideas of character traits for upcoming editions.

Read: Romans 15:13- “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Day 1: What does this verse mean to you? How does it affect you and your life? What can you do to make it happen?

Day 2: How many different translations can you read of this verse? Which version helps you understand the verse best? Do any of the different translations change your way of thinking about this verse?

Day 3: Memorize this verse in any translation. What different ways can you memorize it? Memorization helps us to use the Bible when we are battling against Satan and his temptations.

Day 4: Have you put your entire trust in God? If not, today is the day. It’s actually pretty easy. You just let go of any fears or grudges and give them to God. Trust that he will take care of you.

Day 5:When I think of ‘looking at the big picture’, I think of making life have purpose. What can you do to make your life meaningful for God? It doesn’t have to be a BiG world-changing thing but what God plans for you. Look at the Ask Ainsley column, question number two, for more thoughts about this.

Day 6:What do you think ‘looking at the big picture’ means? How can you do it based on what you think it means?

Day 7 (optional):Help someone else look at the ‘big picture’. This could also bring someone to Christ. Don’t be afraid to bring people to Christ. Read more about this in Life’s Application, story 2.

Have you heard of Bible Gateway? It’ s a website that helps you find Bible verses. If you’re looking for a verse on love, you can search love and lots of verses with ‘love’ in them will appear. I use Bible Gateway a lot for writing Life’s Instructions. Their website is You can also choose and change translations, which is perfect for using with Life’s Instructions.