December Survey & November Results, Contest Page, Crazy Calendar, and Announcements Page

November Survey Results
Last month we asked you:

What is your favorite sport?

Results we got from you:

100% Flag Football/ Football

Check back here next month for the results!

Contest Page

Last month’s contest was to spell out the word Th!nk using everyday objects; maybe markers, or pillows, or even your brother’s toy cars or blocks! These are what you sent us:

Th!nk spelled out of paper and Th!nk spelled with your body

Our favorite was Th!nk spelled in sign language

Please excuse us publishing this page late. We were having difficulties adding the pictures for the contest page.

This month’s contest, however, is to take a picture of the best nativity scene you can find or make. You could take a picture of one if you look at Christmas lights with your family, you could make it out of dolls, or you could draw it. You could even take a picture of you and your friends, or family, dressed up like wise men, sheep, and shepherds! Have fun with this. We are looking forward to see what creative ideas you come up with. The prize will be that the winner will get to pick the names of the characters for Life’s Application in our next magazine!

…Or you could take it a step further and put on a play for your friends, neighbors, and family. Guess what play???… yup! The Nativity scene. One of my favorite family christmas traditions is that we all dress up as different characters in the Nativity story and we film it. We do this every year. It is a fun way to celebrate and remember the real reason for Christmas. What Christmas traditions does your family do? Please email us what you do.

Crazy Calendar

December is write a friend month! Who do you know that needs encouragement? You could write a card and/or letter to them. It could be anyone really.

  • The  1st of December is Eat A Red Apple Day

  • The fourth is Wear Brown Shoes Day, let’s see, do I have any…

  • The seventh is Letter Writing Day  don’t delay! The 7th is also National Cotton Candy Day, and Pearl Harbor Day.. Did you know I’ve been there?

  • The eighth is both International Children’s Day  and National Brownie Day… you should bake some and share it with your friends, neighbors, and family. Or better, with children(do you get it?)

  • The ninth of December is National Pastry Day, and Christmas Card Day.. Look! another opportunity to write a letter or make a card!

  • The twelfth is Poinsettia Day, pretty!

  • The thirteenth is Ice Cream Day, Cold! And it is also Violin Day

  • The sixteenth is National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day… I have nothing to say, my mouth will be too full!

  • National Maple Syrup Day is the 17th!

  • The 18th is Bake Cookies Day, Chocolate chip, sugar, sprinkles, peanut butter…

  • National Egg Nog Day is the 24th!

  • No snow? That’s okay, the 27th is Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day. learn how to make some and decorate your home by reading the ‘Crafty Corner’ Section of this magazine!


Announcements Page

  • Guess What?!?! We got our 50th subscriber!!! The 50th subscriber subscribed on November 6th. His name is Chris and he got one of the Chick-fil-a gift cards. The winner of the other gift cards name is Darbi. So congrats to both of you and remember to still get subscribers. The Reward will be knowing you helped someone to be encouraged in their relationship with God. Wouldn’t that feeling be great?
  • The challenge for this month encourages you to ask your friends and family to subscribe. We hope that we continue to get more subscribers and are able to share the message of Christ to them. We hope that you will help us get more subscribers. Read more about this challenge after G.A.C. it’s called the Subs Challenge.

  • To reach out to those around you (specifically your neighbors) we had an idea. We thought that you could make/bake a christmas treat for your neighbors and give it to them along with a tract. An idea is to make some sort of candy cane treat and give them a tract with the legend of the candy cane on it. For a tract or recipe just tell us and we have some tracts you can print.

  • Last month, we asked you what the Interview and Pet Tricks pages will be called. Your options were Detailed Dialog or Thorough Thoughts for the Interview Page and Training Grounds and training Space for the Pet Tricks Page. The names we picked are Training Grounds and Detailed Dialog.

  • This month’s character trait we chose was ‘Looking at the Bigger Picture’ who can you think of that did this in the Bible? What about Joseph? Read Genesis chapters 39-41 and think about all Joseph went through but what God accomplished through him in the end! Sold by his brothers while he was still a teenager, and then God made him prosper even when he was a slave. then, all of a sudden he was thrown into prison for something he hadn’t done. In prison God again gave him success and he interpreted two mens dreams; because of this, he was called to serve Pharaoh and eventually became the 2nd most powerful man in all of Egypt. Anyway, he eventually is reunited with his brothers who sold him and is able to see how God was able to use what seemed bad at the time for good and forgave his brothers.